Govt. accommodation to the Debt Recovery Tribunals

Extension of grant of eligibility for allotment of Govt. accommodation to the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT’s) and Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals (DRAT’s)

Government of India 

Ministry of Urban Development 

Directorate of Estates


Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110 011 

October, 25/10/12


Subject : Grant of eligibility for allotment of General Pool office as well as residential accommodation, to the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT’s) and Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals (DRAT’s).

In continuation to this Directorate’s OMs of even number dated 28.9.2007, 16.10.2007, 16.11.2010 and 27.4.2012 whereby eligibility for allotment General Pool accommodation, office as well as residential, was granted to Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs) and Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunals (DRATs) at Delhi and outstations (where General Pool accommodation exist) till 21.8.2012 and to state that the issue of extending the eligibility has been considered by the Competent Authority and it has been decided to extend the eligibility status of DRTs and DRATs for allotment of General Pool Office and residential accommodation, at locations where such accommodation is available, for a further period of six months from 22.8.2012 to 21.02.2013. 

Eligibility code allotted earlier to DRTs and DRATs will remain same. Accordingly the allotment of General Pool residential accommodation to the staff of DRT/DRAT’s may be regularized by charging normal license fee.



Deputy Director of Estates (Pol.)

Download Office Memorandum No: 11013/D/8/93-Pol.I dated 25.10.2012 issued by Directorate of Estates.


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