General Pool Residential Accommodation – Revision of rates for unauthorized occupation

General Pool Residential Accommodation – Revision of rates for damages from Unauthorized occupants

Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-110 108

No. 18011/2/2006-Pol.-III

DECEMBER 06, 2012

Subject: Revision of rates of damages for unauthorized occupation of General Pool Residential Accommodation.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Directorate O.M No. 18011/2/2002 Pol-III dated 25th November 2011 on the above subject and to say that the it has been decided to make revision of the rates of damages recovered from unauthorized occupants of General Pool accommodation a regular exercise as a multiple of normal rate of licence fee as given in the Annexure to this OM. Henceforth, the rate of damages/market rent will automatically get revised as and when the rate of normal licence fee under FR-45-A is revised. In addition to this, garden charges as applicable will also be recovered.
2. These rates will be effective from 1st January 2013 and will also be in force till next revision of rate of normal licence fee.
3. In respect of other departmental pools of accommodation in Delhi/other stations, the rates of damages prescribed for General Pool accommodation wherever such accommodation exists, have to be adopted by various other Ministries/Departments. Similar rates of damages are to be worked out by the CPWD for other stations where General Pool Accommodation is available and the rates so assessed are to be adopted for recovery of damages not only in respect of General Pool residential accommodation at that station but also in respect of departmental pool accommodation in all stations. In stations, where there are no General Pool Residential Accommodation, the Ministry or Department have to get suitable unit rates worked out by the CPWD/local PWD.
Metropolitan City
Type of Accommodation
Present Rate
Revised Rate
All metropolitan cities except Murnbai
Type-I to Type- IV
Rs. 175 per sq meter per month
55 Times of normal Licence Fee
45 Times of normal Licence Fee
Type-IV(Spl) and above including Hostel accommodation
Rs. 235 per sq meter per. month ‘
65 Times of normal Licence Fee
55 Times of normal Licence Fee
Mumbai (Hyderabad Estate, Belvedere and Pedder Road)
Type-V Type- VI and Hostel
Rs. 750 per sq meter per month
120 Times of normal licence fee ,
Rest of Mumbai
Type-I to Type- V including Hostel ,
Rs. 230 per sq per meter per month
65 Times of normal Licence Fee
55 Times of normal Licence Fee
4.    This issues with the concurrence of Integrated Finance Wing of the Ministry of Urban Development under its Diary No. 518/DFA/FD/12 dated 16.11.2012.
(S.K. Jain)
Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)

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  1. i join Indian Coast Guard Jul 1983 my GP 2400 I am Under transfer and reporting in 11 May-14 I want to know status of accommodation general pool in kolkatta

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