Compendium of rules governing Central Government residential accommodation

Compendium of rules governing allotment of Central Government residential accommodation (General Pool in Delhi) and Instuctions issued by Directorate of Estates from time to time

This Compendium contains text of various rules governing allotment of Central Government residential accommodation (General Pool in Delhi) and gist of instructions issued by the Directorate of Estates, Ministry of Urban Development from time to time.

It brings together various instructions and guidelines issued over a span of time relating to rules/procedures governing allotment of residences in Delhi, obligations of the allottee of the official residence, recovery of license fee and procedure for timely revision thereof. It also contains instructions regarding allotment of official residences for the purposes like marriage etc. and retention of the allotted house after retirement/transfer etc.

This Compendium has been prepared with a view to make available hands on information to the officials dealing with allotment of Govt. residences as well as allottees of the Govt. residences.

Directorate of Estates

COMPENDIUM Incorporating Orders/OMs from 15.11.1966 to 18.12.2012

Compendium of the allotment of Government Residences (General Pool in Delhi) Rules, 1963 and Gist of The instructions issued by the Directorate of Estates Ministry of Urban Development
Corrected up to 31st December 2012
1. SR-317-B-1: Short Title & Application
2. SR-317-B-2 : Definitions :
(a) Allotment
(b) Allotment Year
(c) Delhi
(d) Directorate of Estates
(e) Eligible Office
(f) Condition for eligibility for an office
(g) List of eligible offices
(h) Eligibility of staff of CSIR, ICAR, CRRI & ICMR
(i) Eligibility of foreign nationals
(j) Condition of eligibility for offices outside Delhi
(k) Allotment of General Pool Accommodation to PSU employees
(l) Allotment of accommodation to Delhi Administration
(m) Eligibility of branch offices of GNCT
(n) Eligibility of teachers and other staff of GNCT (o) Eligibility of staff of CBI
(p) Eligibility of canteen employees
(q) Eligibility of permanently seconded Defence Service Officers
(r) Allotment/retention of accommodation by Central Govt. officers on deputation to BSNL.
(s) Basic Pay
(t) Family
(u) Government
(v) Priority Date
(w) Licence Fee (x) Residence (y) Subletting
(z) Sharing
(aa) Temporary Transfer (bb) Transfer
(cc) Type
3. SR-317-B-3: Allotment to house owning officers
4. SR-317-B-4: Allotment to husband & wife
5. SR-317-B-5: Classification of residences
6. SR-317-B-6: Application criteria for allotment
7. SR-317-B-7: Allotment offer of residences

  • Provision of GPRA to ineligible persons
  • Allotment of rent free accommodation
  • – Request for reconsideration of allotment
  • Temporary allotment for marriage purposes
  • Retention by Central Govt. officers on deputation to PSUs/Autonomous Bodies
  • Ad-hoc allotment to officers on transfer in eligible offices
  • Revised guidelines for allotment of Govt. accommodation to political parties
  • Allotment to Parliamentary staff of political parties
  • Guidelines regarding allotment of Govt. accommodation to state level political parties
  • Allotment to Journalists and Press Cameramen
  • Allotment to employees recruited on contract basis
  • Allotment/Retention of GPRA by Consultants
  • Allotment/Retention of GPRA on short term appointment in Committees/ Commissions
  • Allotment of accommodation to Ex-President/Ex-Vice-President/Ex-Prime Minister & their spouse
  • Allotment of accommodation to Ex-Prime Minister who are sitting Member of Parliament
  • Allotment of Type-I accommodation to employees eligible for Type-II
  • Allotment of accommodation to officers inducted into service at intermediate/ higher levels
  • Change of accommodation to officers inducted as intermediate level
  • Admissibility of HRA in the event of non-application or non-acceptance or surrender of GPRA at various stations
  • Allotment of GPRA to Union Ministers
  • Allotment of GPRA to freedom fighters, eminent artist, private persons such social workers and private organization
8 SR-317-B-8: Maintenance of separate pool for certain categories of officers
9. SR-317-B-8A: Out of turn allotment

  • Allotment on medical grounds
  • Allotment on functional grounds
  • Change of accommodation by out of turn allottees
  • Discretionary quota for personal staff
  • Allotment on security ground
  • Quota for key-personnel working in Deputy Prime Minister’s Office
  • Out of turn allotment to key-officials working in the office of Vice-President, Prime Minister & Cabinet Secretariat
  • Priority allotment to personal staff attached with Union Ministers and other dignitaries
10 SR-317-B-10: Non-acceptance of allotment offers or failure to occupy allotted
residence after acceptance :
(a) Non-acceptance of entitled accommodation by officer in occupation of lower type
(b) Admissibility of HRA on restriction of allotment
(c) Restriction of allotment (d) Deferment of allotment
11 SR-317-B-11: for which allotment subsists and concessional period for retention of Govt. accommodation.
(a) Retention Schedule by rent payees
(b) Officers proceeding on deputation/transfer to corporations, semi govt orgns
(c) Retention of JLN Fellowship awardees
(d) No HRA if house retained authorisedly or unauthorisedly.
(e) Retention on termination of re-employment
(f) Retention by officers on compulsory waiting
(g) Retention by rent free allottees
(h) Retention by officers appointed advisor to Governor
(i) Retention by Government servants assigned to work as UN volunteers
(j) Regularisation of accommodation on re-posting
(k) Retention on temporary transfer.
12 SR-317-B-12: Provisions relating to license fee
(a) Recovery of licence fee from clubs, associations etc.
(b) Recovery of common service charges
(c) Licence Fee from those holding accommodation above entitlement
(d) Recovery of arrears in instalments
(e) Rent for durable/non-durable items of furniture (f) Table containing present rate of licence fee.
13 SR-317-B-13: Personal liability of allottee for payment of licence fee till vacation and furnishing of surety by temporary officers
(a) Issue of No Demand Certificate in case of inter-pool exchange
14 SR-317-B-14: Surrender of allotment and period of notice.
15 SR-317-B-15: Change of residence
(a) Continued eligibility necessary for change
(b) No change permissible if enquiry in progress about subletting
(c) No change within six months of retirement
16 SR-317-B-16: Change of residence in the event of death of any member of the family
17 SR-317-B-17: Mutual change of residences
18 SR-317-B-18: Transfer to non-family station :
(a) Retention of GPRA at the last place by employee posted to J&K
(b) Revision of entitlement/Retention of accommodation during posting to NE Region and J&K
(c) Retention to PMF personnel posted to LWE areas
(d) Retention in case of mandatory posting to ineligible offices
19 SR-317-B-19: Maintenance of Residences
20. SR-317-B-20: Subletting & sharing of residences
(a) Who are entitled to share govt accommodation.
(b) Sharing with close relatives
(c) Departmental action against those subletting government accommodation
(d) Misuse of garage
(e) Subletting of govt accommodation-departmental action
21 SR-317-B-21: Consequences of breach of rules and conditions
22 SR-317-B-22: Overstay in residence after cancellation
(a) Retention by those retiring from deputation to NER/andamans and Nicobar Islands
(b) Recovery of damage rate of licence fee for overstay.
23. SR-317-B-23: Continuance of allotment made prior to issue of these rules
24. SR-317-B-24: Interpretation of rules
25 SR-317-B-25: Relaxation of rules :
(a) Reservation in allotment
(b) Concession of ad-hoc allotment towards working on ad-hoc basis
(c) Allotment of GPRA to Scientist attached to Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister
(d) Regularization of accommodation to spouse of allottee Govt. officer in the event of his/her transfer
(e) Concession of ad-hoc allotment to dependents/relations of Govt. employees – eligibility of married daughter
(f) Allotment of GPRA to Member of Income-Tax Appellate Tribunal, Members of Custom & Excise and Gold Control Appellate Tribunal
(g) Retention of Accommodation by family of deceased Govt. servant
(h) Retention of Accommodation by official working in personal staff of Minister on co-terminus basis
(i) Allotment of GPRA to employees of States/UTs working in Delhi
(j) Earmarking of accommodation for Chairman/Member of Statutory/ Constitutional Bodies manned by retired Supreme Court/High Court Judges
(k) Regularization/allotment of alternate accommodation in the name of eligible

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