Allotment of government accommodation to the Political Parties

Guidelines for allotment of government accommodation from General Pool to the Political Parties

No. 1201 4/2/96- Pol.II (Vol.II)
Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates
Policy-II Section
Nirman Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110 108.
Dated the 29th August, 2013.


Sub: Revision of guidelines for allotment of government accommodation fromGeneral Pool to the Political Parties.

The Directorate of Estates, Ministry of Urban Development had issued the revised guidelines forallotment of government accommodation from general pool to Political parties vide O.M.No.12014/2/96-pol.II dated 20.7.2000. These guidelines have been reviewed by the competent authority and it has been decided to modify para 1 (iii) of the aforesaid O.M. dated 20.7.2000. After modification the revised guidelines shall be as under:
i. The National Political Parties, which have been recognised as such by the Election Commission of India, shall be allowed to retain/secure allotment of one housing unit from General Pool in Delhi for their office use on payment of licence fee under FR 45A i.e. the normal licence fee.
ii. The said accommodation will be provided for a period three years during which the party would acquire a plot of land in an institutional area and will construct its own accommodation for party office.
iii. One residential accommodation would be allotted/allowed to be retained by the Party President of a recognized National Party provided that no other accommodation has been allotted to him / her in another capacity.
iv. The facility of office accommodation will also be given to the State level parties recognised by the Election Commission of India provided it has in the opinion of the Accommodation Committee of Cabinet, adequate representation in Parliament and its case for allotment is approved by the CCA on its merit.
v. The other buildings allotted or in occupation of any political party stand cancelled. However, a period of six months or upto the time the allotment has been made, whichever is earlier would be given to the party to make alternate arrangement and vacate the Government accommodation.

2. This O.M. supersedes the Directorate of Estates O.M.No.12014/2/96-Pol.II dated 20.7.2000.

Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)

Download Directorate of Estates Office Memorandum No. 1201 4/2/96- Pol.II (Vol.II) dated 29.08.2013

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