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Spl Child care allowance for disable women employees

As per the DOPT OM No. 12011/04/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 11th September, 2008 women employees with disabilities are entitled for a special Child Care Allowance.  The Ministry has been receiving doubts about the scheme and the same have been clarified as under :


(i) whether the women employees with disabilities shall be entitled for allowance at double the rates for multiple births at the time of first child birth?

No.  In case of multiple births at the time of first child birth, the women employee shall not be entitled to this allowance at double the rates for multiple births.

(ii) Whether the allowance would be admissible for the 3rd Child in case first two children i.e. the first child (or for that matter the 2nd child) expires before attaining the age of two years ?

It is clarified that the grant of Special Allowance for child care for women with disabilities is admissible for two years from the birth of the child so long as the women employee does not have more than two surviving children.

For details, download of the DOPT OM No. 12011/4/2008 Estt AL) dated 26.09.2011

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