Update on E-Samrath – Project to create central database of GPF accounts

e-Samarth update:

E-Samrath is a project undertaken by Department of Expenditure to create a Central Database of GPF Subscribers – Once this project is completed all GPF account holders can verify their account online. The following Office Memorandum is the recent development in E-Samrath.

CGA Instructions to update GI data to provide Unique IDs to GPF subscribers

No. ITD-CGA/07-11/GPF-MIDS/Pt. file III/888-925

Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure

Office of the Controller General of Accounts

Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market

New Delhi — 110 003

(IT. Division)

Office Memorandum

Dated: October 29, 2012

Reference is invited to dais office OM of even no. 673-708 dated 14.09.2012, vide which all the Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs were requested to direct all the PAOs under their administrative control to update the General Information (GI) data of all the GPF subscribers in COMPACT with their Date of Birth, Date of Joining Government Service, Date of Superannuation and PAN allotted by Income Tax Department so that the multiple accounts of GPF subscribers could be mapped and Unique IDs could be allotted to all the Account holders.

2. However, on verification from the report available on e-Lekha, it has been observed that the GI data has been updated only by very few PAOs. The multiple accounts of GPF subscribers could be mapped only after receipt of the complete information.

3. Pr.CCA/CCA/CA may instruct all the PAOs under their payment control to update the GI data urgently so that this office may take steps towards allotment of Unique IDs to the inpidual GPF subscribers. It may be ensured that all the GPF account numbers are maintained through GPF module of COMPACT only by the respective PAOs.

4. A report to check the status of updation of GI data by the PAOs is available on e-Lekha. The Controller level user of e-Lekha can view this report viz., 'PAN No. Updation Status for GPF Subscribers', under sub module MIS-8 of e-Lekha.


(Alok Kumar Verma) 

Dy. Controller General of Accounts (ITD)

Click here download CGA office memorandum dated 29.10.2012

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