AGIF Initiatives for Veterans/Specially abled Children

AGIF Initiatives for Veterans/Specially abled Children

AGIF Initiatives for Veterans/Specially abled Children – Extended Insurance Scheme, Ex Gratia Allowance and Sustenance Allowance: Details and Forms


1. Extended Insurance (EI) Scheme.

(a) EI Scheme is an extension of the insurance cover post retirement/ discharge/release up to a specified period by charging a one time non refundable subscription at the time of retirement/ discharge/ release. The scheme over the years has evolved and is applicable to the veterans as per their date of retirement as under:-

Period of Retirement One time contribution
Sum Assured
( ₹  )
Term of Cover One Time Contribution Refundable
01 Jan 81-
31 Mar 89
Offrs- ₹ 640
JCOs/OR- 580
Offrs- 65000,
10 years after retirement or 65 years of age, which- ever is earlier No
01 Apr 89 –
31 Mar 94
Offrs – 1640
JCOs/OR – 580
Offrs – 1 L
JCOs/OR-0.5 L
-do- No
01 Apr 94 –
30 Jun 99
Offrs – 6900 JCOs/
Offrs – 2 L
JCOs/OR – 1 L
20 years /
70 years
01 Jul 99 –
30 Dec 04
Offrs – 15300 JCOs/
Offrs – 3 L
JCOs/OR-1.5 L
20 years /
72 years
31 Dec 04 –
29 Jun 09
Offrs – 31300 JCOs/
Offrs – 4 L
JCOs/OR – 2 L
26 years /
75 years
30 Jun 09-
30 Jul 10
Offrs – 42660 JCOs/
Offrs – 6 L
JCOs/OR – 3 L
-do- No
31 Jul 10 –
30 Dec 13
Offrs – 51900 JCOs/
Offrs – 6 L
JCOs/OR – 3 L
-do- Yes
31 Dec 13 –
31 Dec 14
Offrs – 82300 JCOs/
Offrs – 10 L
JCOs/OR – 5 L
-do- Yes
01 Jan 15 –
31 Mar 17
Offrs – 122250 JCOs/
Offrs – 10 L
JCOs/OR – 5 L
30 years /
80 years
01 Apr 17
Offrs -109220 JCOs/
Offrs – 10 L
JCOs/OR – 5 L
-do- No


(b) Documents Required.

(i) Death certificate issued by Registrar of Birth and Death (Death certificate issued by Military Hospital is accepted)

(ii) Cancelled cheque/cheques with name of beneficiaries (alternatively copy of first page of passbook with names, if cheque does not have name imprinted)

(iii) AADHAR Card of beneficiaries (as proof of identity).

(iv) EI Certificate, if available.

(c) In case beneficiary is other than Nominee / Contingent Nominee, the following additional documents will also be required:-

(i) Claim Affidavit as given on website.
(ii) Indemnity Bond with surety as given on website.
(iii) Sum Assured and Terms of Cover is applicable as per date of retirement.

Note:-If any query please contact AGIF at:-

(i) E-mail ID – claimsagif[at]gmail[dot]com
(ii) Mob No – (i) Officers’ Sec – 8882484303
(ii) Supdt, EI Sec (JCOs/OR) – 7290007353

2. Ex Gratia Allowance.

(a) Ex Gratia Allowance of ₹ 25 lac and ₹ 12.5 lac in respect of officers and JCOs/ OR respectively is awarded to personnel who are invalided out with 100 percent disability and granted Constant Attendance Allowance. This amount is invested in Nationalised banks as FD and managed by AGIF. Interest earnings are remitted to the member every quarter. This amount is in addition to the 100 percent Disability benefit paid to them. On demise of the beneficiary the amount is ploughed back to AGIF.

(b) Diseases considered for payment of ex-gratia are as follows:-

(i) Total blindness (both eyes).
(ii) Paraplegia.
(iii) Quadriplegia.
(iv) Irreversible comatose conditions due to irreversible brain damage as a result of trauma, infection, stroke or any cause leading to permanent vegetative state or equivalent.
(v) Loss of both limbs, i.e. amputation of both legs above knee and both arms above elbow.

3. Sustenance Allowance to Specially Abled Children.

(a) AGIF grants a monthly sustenance allowance of ₹ 6,000/- per month per child for up to two specially abled children of service personnel who die in harness.

(b) The disabilities considered for the scheme are as follows :-

(i) Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
(ii) Cerebral Palsy.
(iii) Mental Retardation.
(iv) A combination of two or more disabilities from the following:-

(aa) Blindness.
(ab) Low Vision.
(ac) Leprosy-cured.
(ad) Hearing Impairment.
(ae) Locomotor Disability.
(af) Mental illness.

(b) Eligibility conditions are as under:-

(i) The extent of disability in the above, as certified by medical authority must not be less than 40 percent.
(ii) The child must be unable to earn a living.
(iii) The disability of the child should manifest itself before the death of the service personnel while in service.
(iv) The serving parent of such child should have died on active service.

(d) Documents required for claiming sustenance allowance are as follows:-

(i) Application for claiming alice as per Appx ‘A’ to AGI letter No A/57271/R/AGI/Ins (Coord) dt 26 Dec 2007.
(ii) Non-earning cert duly signed by Secy, DSSB is att.
(iii) Med Cert of disability duly signed by med bd consisting of three Med Offrs indicating percentage of disability.
(v) Part II Order of birth of child (Kindred Roll portion att) former service.
(vi) Part II Order for dis child (Photocopy of kindred Roll portion att).
(vii) Part II Order of death of serving pers.
(viii) Whether Bank details of Natural/ legal guardian completed (not applicable for NDG).
(ix) Cert from CO, parent unit in case Part II order for different abled child pub after death of serving personnel.

(e) Initiation of Claim. On occurrence of death of the serving parent, the Unit will initiate claim for Sustenance Allowance for specially abled child, if applicable and forward all documents to AGIF through MP 5 & 6 in case of officers and respective Record Office in case of JCOs/ OR.

(f) Subsequent Documentation.

(i) Life certificate of the child must be submitted in the month of Nov every year.
(ii) A certificate from a specialist of the nearest MH to the effect that the child continues to suffer from the disability/disabilities covered in this scheme with the percentage of disability mentioned separately, once every three years.
(iii) A non-earning certificate based on medical certificate from the concerned Zila Sainik Board, once every three years.