Retention of accommodation in the case of re-employment

Directorate Estates O.M. No. 12035/8/84-Pol.II dated 09.07.1986 provides that “if immediately after retirement, an officer has not availed the permissible period of retention he may be allowed he concessional period of retention as provided in SR-317-B-11, (2)(ii) after termination of re-employment.  In case the officer has been allowed a part of permissible period of retention before the reemployment, he may be allowed the remaining part of permissible retention period after termination of re-employment”. 

It amounts to carrying forward of the retention period which, as per rule, is applicable from the next day of retirement in the case of retirement on superannuation only.

The contents of the above said O.M. have been reexamined and it is felt that allowing postponement of retention period to a date other than the date of retirement is against the provisions of SR-317-B-II, which provides that the retention period will start from the next date of retirement. 

The O.M. also appears to be discriminatory against other members of statutory/regulatory authorities/bodies/commissions who were not in Government service prior to their appointment in such authorities/bodies/commissions.  Such members are allowed retention of only one month from the date of their demitting office.

Therefore, in supersession of the said O.M. dated 09.07.1986 referred above, it is hereby ordered that the facility of retention of Government accommodation by the officers of the Central Government on their superannuation under SR-317-B-11 and SR-317-B-22 are to be availed by the concerned officers only in one go starting from the date of their superannuation. 

This period cannot be availed in piecemeal and postponed to a later date if not availed immediately after the superannuation of the officer.

Download Office Memorandum No: 12035/28/96-Pol.II dated 30.09.2009

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