SC/ST reservation in Promotions – Govt postponed the bill

Reservation for SC/ST Employees in Promotions – Government Postponed the Amendment bill which was to be tabled on 22nd August 2012

In view of Supreme Court’s decision against following reservation policy for Promotion in employment, Government is cautious now and postponed its plan to bring an amendment bill to provide Constitutional Validity to Reservation in Promotions for SC and ST Employees.

An All party meeting was conducted by Prime Minister Shri.Manmohan Singh in this connection. Prime Minister said in the meeting that the Government is in favour of allowing reservation for Promotion and that Government would review the bill again for examining the legal aspects before bringing the amendment bill again.

The leaders of other parties have also adviced that before this bill is tabled it has to be examined properly so that the enacted bill is legally valid in all aspects.

Earlier, in the month of April 2012, Apex Court had decided against the Uttar Pradesh Government’s order to follow reservation policy for SC and ST employees in Government posts.

Source: Zee News

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