Grace Marks to SC/ST Candidates in Departmental Examination

Grace Marks to SC/ST Candidates in Departmental Examination – Clarification

Income Tax Department has clarified that Grace Marks to SC/ST candidates in departmental examination were awarded in the year 2010 and 2011 to enabling marginally failing reserved category candidates to pass the examination.

However, the policy of awarding grace marks was not for obtaining Own Merit Status by Candidates. Now this clarification is withdrawn.

The clarification dated 13.12.2012 in this regard issued by Income Tax Department is given below.

F.No. DE-2009/ITO/SCT/Availed Benefits/DIT(IT)/5447
Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue
Dated : 13.12.2012
References have been received from various charges with regard to the award of grace marks to those candidates belonging to SC/ST category who have already qualified in the past with the relaxed standards so as to enable them to attain the ‘Own Merit Status’ by appearing in a betterment attempt or otherwise.
The matter has been examined. The grace marks policy was introduced with the purpose of enabling marginally failing candidates to pass the examination. Enabling reserved category candidates to pass the examination in general category by the grace marks policy was not the espoused philosophy behind the policy. Therefore, the grace marks were not allowed in such cases till the introduction of the betterment scheme. Till 2010, grace marks were given only to pass the examination, but not to obtain “Own Merit Status’ by candidates of the Reserved Category. However, grace marks were allowed to a few candidates appearing in betterment attempts in the Departmental Examinations 2010 and 2011 are being withdrawan. It is accordingly clarified that there is no concept of grace marks in the betterment attempt and any such grace marks awarded to any candidate in Departmental Examinations 2010 and 2011 are being withdrawn.
This issues with the approval of CBDT.
(G.K. Maheshwari)
Director of Incone-tax (IT)
New Delhi
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