Consolidated instructions on relaxation of upper age limits

The Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) New Delhi, has issued OM Dated 27.03.2012 containing consolidated orders governing the relaxation in supper age limit allowed to various categories of Government servants.  Detailed tabulation of all relevant circulars and also links to the same have been provided in the said O.M.


No. 15012/2/2010-Estt.(D) Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Trainning)


New Delhi, dated the 27th March, 2012



Subject:-      Consolidated orders on relaxation in upper age limit allowed to various categories of government servants- regarding

The   undersigned   is   directed   to   invite   attention   to   this Department’s Notification No. 2/101/72-Estt(D) dated 07.03.1974 and to  say that since then a number of instructions allowing relaxation in upper age to Central  government servants for recruitment to various categories of posts under the Central government have been issued.  For the facility of reference and guidance,  the  content of the important/relevant O.M’s/orders on the subject have been consolidated.  The number and date of original O.M.’s have been referred under each category for easy reference to the context.

S. No.Category of Persons to whom age concession is admissible and O.M./Notification No.Categories     of posts  to  which the              age
concession     is admissible
Extent    of    Age
1.Scheduled Castes and Scheduled

Notification  No.  2/101/72-Estt(D)  dated

All  posts  filled
by           Direct
5 years
2.Other Backward Class

O.M.  No.  43013/2/95-Estt.  (SCT)  dated

O.M.  No.  36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT)  dated

All  posts  filled by   Direct Recruitment3 years
3.Persons with disabilities

No. 43019/28/86-Estt.(D) dated 01.02.1999read  with  O.M.   No.   36035/3/2004- Estt(Res.) dated 29.12.2005

(i)     In case of Direct Recruitment
to Group  ‘Ç’
and erstwhile Group      ‘D’ (now  MTS  )
10 years
(ii)    In case of recruitment
to  Group  Á’
and    Group
‘B’        posts through
competitive examination
SC/ST Persons with disabilities15 years
OBC Persons with disabilities13 years

Persons with disabilities
O.M.  No.  36035/3/2004-Estt(Res.)  dated


In case of direct recruitment               to Group            ‘A’   and Group ‘B’ where recruitment               is made otherwise than            through open
competitive examination


5 years

SC/ST Persons with disabilities10 years
OBC Persons with disabilities8 years
4.Retrenched Central Government

Notification  No.  2/101/72-Estt(D)  dated

For posts  filled otherwise than through   UPSC
on the basis of competitive tests,  i.e.  filled through employment exchange
Period of previous service under the Govt.           of    India
plus three years
5.Whole Time Cadet Instructors in
For the purpose of   appointment to      the   posts,
recruitment   to which  is  made through       the Employment exchange
Period of service rendered in NCC plus three years
(a) who were released from NCC after the expiry of their initial/ extended tenure

Notification  No.  2/101/72-Estt(D)  dated


(b) who were released form NCC before    the    expiry    of    their initial/extended tenure

Notification  No.  2/101/72-Estt(D)  dated

– do –Period of service rendered in NCC, plus  three  years
provided       they have   served         in NCC for a period of  not  less  than six  months prior to their      release from NCC

Ex-General   Reserve    Engineer
Force Personnel

O.M. No. 4/10/64-Estt(D) dated 26.10.1964

Notification  No.  2/101/72-Estt(D)  dated

For posts  filled
otherwise than through   UPSC on the basis of competitive tests,  i.e.  filled through Employment exchange
Period  of  Service
in  GREF  plus  3 years

Territorial Army  Personnel who have  service  on  the  permanent staff of Territorial Army Unit or have been embodied for service under            T.A.   Rule    33    for    a continuous  period  of  not  less than six months.



O.M. No. 4/6/64-Estt(D) dated 11.02.1965

Notification No. 2/101/1972-Estt(D) dated

For  post   filled
otherwise than through   UPSC on the basis of competitive
tests    i.e.    for
posts         filled through Employment Exchange
Entire  Period  of
embodied service including broken period    in    the Territorial   Army plus three years

Notification  No.  39016/10/1979-  Estt.  (c)
dated 15.12.1979

Group     C     & erstwhile                     D postsPeriod of Military service   plus    3 years
9.Disabled      Defence      services personnel

O.M.    No.    14/42/65-Estt(D)    dated
29.03.1966  and O.M. No.  13/35/71- Estt.(C) dated 24.12.1971






O.M.   No.   39016/5/1981-Estt.(C)   dated

(a)  Group  C  & erstwhile       D posts         filled through Employment Exchange45     years     (50 years of SC/ST)
(b) Group A & B
posts         filled otherwise  than
Competitive Examination by UPSC
45     years     (50 years of SC/ST)
(c)    All    posts filled                    by Competitive examination3 years ( 8 years for           SC/ST) subject   to    the condition                    that
they would not be allowed to avail of
   a  larger  number
of    chances    in respect            of recruitment  to  a service, or group of  services,  than the         maximum number           of chances permissible     to any          general candidate   under the age limit.
10.Ex-personnel  of Army     Medical Corps   (Short   Service  regular Commissioned Officer)
O.M. No. 4/3/55-RPS dated 13.07.1956
All            posts requiring Medical
35 years
11.Ex-servicemen ECO/SSCO

O.M.   No.   39016/15/79-Estt.(   C)   dated


O.M.   No.   36034/8/88-Estt.(SCT)   dated

Group  A  &  B Posts
Services/posts filled  by  direct recruitment otherwise  than on  a  result  of any   open    All India
competitive examination
held  by   UPSC
subject  to  the condition    that (i)               the continuous service
rendered in teh Armed    Forces by      an     ex- servicemen            is not  less         than six months after attestation     (ii) resultant           age after        deducting his age does not exceed         the prescribed   age
Military    service plus three years
  limit   by   more
than         three years  and   (iii) condition prescribed     in O.M.           No.
39016/10/79- Esst.(C)    dated
appointment  to any  vacacny in Group   A           and Group                  B Services/posts filled  by  direct recruitment     on the   results            of an All        India Competitive Examination held   by  UPSC, ex-service      and Commissioned Officers including ECOs/SSCOs who          have rendered atleast
5 years military service                  and have         been released       on completion               of assignment (including those whose assignment              is due           to      be completed
within             6 months) otherwise  than by      way      of
dismissal      or discharge     on account        of physical disability attributable  to
Five years
  military  service
or                 on invalidment.
12.Departmental  Candidates  with
three years continuous service in
Central Government

O.M.    No.    15012/1/88-Esst.(D)    dated

O.M.    No.    15012/1/88-Esst.(D)    dated

appointment  to Group  ‘C’   and erstwhile      ‘D’ (now          MTS posts) by direct recruitment which are in the same   line              or allied cadres
Up to 40 years of
age (45 years for

O.M.      No.     15012/8/87-Estt.(D)       dated

O.M.    No.    35014/4/79-Esst.(D)    dated

Group   A   and Group B posts filled    through
UPSC      (other than those filled on the basis of competitive examination) and         posts which          are exempted      from purview        of UPSC     (where recruitment  is made            by organisation themselves)
5 years
(for  posts  which are  in  the  same
line    or   allied cadres and where a       relationship could             be established   that the            service already   rendered in   a  particular post         will        be useful    for            the efficient
discharge of the duties of post
13.Widows,  divorced   women   and women judicially separated from
their husbands and who are not re-married
O.M.  NO.  15012/13/1979-Estt  (D)  dated

O.M.      No.     15012/1/82-Estt.(D)       dated

Group  ‘C’   and erstwhile Group
‘D’ posts under the        Central Government filled   through Staff   Selection Commission
and Employment exchange
Up to the age of
35  years  (up  to
40     years     for members              of Scheduled Castes and              Scheduled Tribes)   but   no relaxation         of educational qualification    or method            of recruitment
O.M.      No.     15012/1/87-Estt.(D)       dated
Group  ‘A’   and
‘B’ posts except where recruitment   is
  made    through
open competitive examination
14.Meritorious Sportspersons

No. 15012/3/84-Estt.(D) dated 12.11.1987

All    Group    of
Civil posts/Services under          the Government  of India         filled otherwise  than through Competitive examinations conducted     by UPSC
Up to 5 years (10
years  for  SC/ST
15.Persons who had ordinarily been domiciled in the State of Jammu
and Kashmir  during  the period
01.01.1980 to 31.12.1989

GSR 915(E) dated 30.12.2011
GSR 208(E) dated 10th  April 1997
GSR 826(E) dated 27th  December 1999
GSR 919(E) dated 20th    December 2001
GSR 879(E) dated 10th  November 2003
GSR 707(E) dated 6th  December 2005
GSR 761(E) dated 7th  December, 2007
GSR 839(E) dated 23rd  November 2009

For recruitment to      all   Central
Civil     Services and Posts made through           UPSC or        SSC     or otherwise      by Central Government  till
Upper    age-limit relaxable  by  five
years  subject  to maximum
number           of chances permissible
under            the relevant rules


2.       For the purposes of the above mentioned age concessions:

i.     “a retrenched Central Government employee” means a person who was employed under the Government of India for a continuous period of not less than six months prior to this retrenchment and was discharged as a result of the recommendation of the Economy Unit or due to normal reduction in establishment;

ii.     “a  whole-time  Cadet  instructor in  NCC”  means  a  person  who  was recruited  as  a  whole-time  cadet  instructor  in  NCC  on  or  after

iii.    “Ex-GREF personnel” means a person who was employed in that Force at least a continuous period for not less than six months and who was released from that Force on completion of his tenure of Service.

iv.     “disabled ex-servicemen” means ex-serviceman who while serving in the Armed  Forces of the Union was disabled in operations against the enemy or in disturbed areas;

v.     “Ex-servicemen” means a person, who has served in any rank (whether as a  combatant or an non-combatant), in the Armed Forces of the Union,  including the Armed Forces of the former Indian States, but excluding the  Assam Rifles, Defence Security Corps, General Reserve Engineering  Force,  Lok  Sahayak  Sena  and  Territorial  Army,  for  a continuous period of not less than six months after attestation, and (i) has been released, otherwise  than at his own request or by way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency, or has been transferred to the reserve pending such release, or (iii)  has been released at his own request after completing  five years service in the Armed Forces of the Union.

3.       These instructions are applicable only to Central Government Civilian Employees holding Civil posts and are not applicable to personnel working in autonomous/statutory  bodies,  Public  Sector  under  taking  etc.  which  are governed by regulations/statute issued by the concerned administrative Ministries/Departments. In certain cases the benefit of age relaxation was allowed to a specified category of personnel for a limited period. The validity of relaxation  in  such  cases  will  be  for  the  period  specified  in  the  original instructions or as amended from time to time.

4.       In  case  of  recruitment  through  the  UPSC  and  the  Staff  Selection Commission(SSC), the crucial date for determining the age-limit shall be as advertised by UPSC/SSC. The crucial date for determining age for competitive examination  held  by  UPSC/SSC  is  fixed  as  per  the  instructions  in  this Department’s O.M. No. 42013/1/79-Estt.(D) dated 04.12.1979 and O.M. No. AB.14017/70/87-Esst.(RR) dated 14.07.1988.

5.      A  government  servant  is  not  allowed  any  relaxation  of  age  for recruitment to Group ‘A’  and Group ‘B’  post on the basis of competitive examination  held  by  the  Commission  except in  cases  where  it  has  been specifically  provided  for  in  the  scheme  of  the  examinations  approved  in consultation       with                    the          Commission(O.M.    No.                         4/4/74-Estt.(D)            dated

6.      The upper  age-limit for  recruitment  by  the method of  Direct Open Competitive  to  the  Central  Civil  Services  and  civil  posts  specified in  the relevant  service/recruitment  rules  on  the  date  of  commencement  of  the Central Civil Services and Civil posts (Upper Age-limit for Direct Recruitment) Rules 1998, shall  be  increased by two years (Notification No. 15012/6/98- Estt.(D) dated 21.12.1998).          The “Direct Open Competitive Examination” for the purpose of these rules shall mean direct recruitment by Open Competitive Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission or the Staff Selection Commission or any other authority under the Central Government and it         shall                   not     include          recruitment    through                 Limited Departmental Examination    or       through        shortlisting or  by      absorption   or     transfer or deputation.

For full OM No. 15012/2/2010-Estt.(D) dated 27.03.2012 as pdf file click here

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