Rates chargeable by Holiday Home/Guest House etc.

If you are using the facilities available through Estates.nic.in, that is, Holiday Home, Guest House, Touring Officer's Hostel etc., there is a new rule that you need to take note of.  It has been decided that if only one Room or suit is booked where the Govt. servant AND his Guest/relatives stay, then the rates applicable to Govt. servant is to be paid.  However, if the booking is made exclusively for the stay of friends/guests then the rates applicable under head "private persons accompanying as guest of MP/Government Employee.

Full text of OM No.No.D-11016/16/2010-Regions dated 12.09.2011 is below : 

Government of India
Ministry of Urban Development

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated – 12th September, 2011


Subject : Applicability of Private Charge for booking of Holiday Home, Guest House,  Touring Officers’ Hostel – Regarding.

                      It has been decided that in case an applicant applies for booking of only one Room/Suit and visitors' combination includes applicant as well as his/her guest/relative, then the applicant is required to pay charges as applicable to him/her. However, in case the booking is only for the guest/relative of the applicant, then the applicant is required to pay private charge i.e. charge applicable under the head ‘Private persons accompanying as Guest of MP/Govt. employee”.

2.     The above provisions come into effect from the date of issue of this O.M. This O.M. will have no bearing on the bookings already confirmed. The applicants, whose booking is yet to be confirmed, may replace their draft in accordance with amount applicable as per the revised instructions as stated above, before their booking is confirmed. Once the booking is confirmed, excess amount, if any, will not be refunded.

Deputy Director of Estats(Policy)

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