Writing of online APAR for Railway Employees – Railway Board Circular

Extension of timelines for recording of PAR for 2019-20 i.r.o. AIS officers

Railway Board Circular on Writing of online APAR for Railway Employees

Filing of APAR online from 2016–17: Railway Board Order

Government of India

Ministry of Railways

(Railway Board)

No. 2017/SCC/03/06

New Delhi,

Dated : 04.05.2017

General Managers/equivalents,

Zonal Railways,


Sub: Filing of APAR online from 2016–17 —regarding.

Vide letter of even number dated 24.03.2017, it had been intimated that officers at the level of JAG and above may file their APAR online through SPARROW. The detailed guidelines in this regard are as under:

Category of officers Mode of filing of APAR for 2016-17
1. Officers in Junior and senior Scale. a. Shall file APARs manually using in the new APAR format available on REIS website.
2. Officers who are on deputation (in PSUs/CSS/under any other authorities.) a. Shall file their APARs manually using the new format available on the REIS website.
3. (i). Officers in JAG (both adhoc and regular) and above.

(ii). Those officers whose Reporting/Reviewing Authorities are retiring/moving out on deputation by June 2017

a. Shall file APARs online as per new format through SPARROW from 1st July onwards.

b. The officers shall file APARs manually using the new format as already advised vide letter dated 24.03.2017


  1. Every Zone/PU/CTI etc. has nominated Primary Custodian, Alternative Custodian, PAR Manager and EMD, Managers who are being trained to facilitate SPARROW implementation in their respective Units. These nominated officers will be communicating with the officers coming under the particular Zones, PUs and CTIs. They shall be the trainers for the concerned units.
  2. The pre-requisites for logging and working on SPARROW website are NIC email-id,E-signature/Digital Signature Certificate. Every officer needs to have mobile no. linked to Aadhaar Number.
  3. Policy regarding DSC and E-signature will be communicated subsequently.
  4. After creation of NIC mail-id, Officer has to login to ‘the mail and update his profile so that new password can be generated and it will remain handy while logging in for filing APAR.
  5. Zones/PUs/CTIs are requested to set up a Zonal SPARRPOW helpdesk (staff with IT background), centrally located to facilitate the implementation and the contact nos. of helpdesk may be circulated amongst the officers locally by 15th May 2017 under intimation to Railway Board.

Railway Board helpdesk is already functional and the helpdesk nos, as well as email-ids.

(R.K. Verma)


Railway Board.

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