Upgradation of Posts in Railways as recommended by 7th Pay Commission

Upgradation of Chemical and Metallurgical Staff in the Railways recommended by 7th Central Pay Commission – Clearance of DoP&T and Ministry of Finance – NFIR urges to Railway Board

Upgradation of Posts in Railways as recommended by 7th Pay Commission – NFIR request


National Federation of Indian Railways

No.IV/NFIR/7 CPC (Imp)/2016/R.B./Pt.I

Dated : 03/10/2017

The Secretary (E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Upgradation of posts in the Railways recommended by 7th Central Pay Commission – Clearance of DoP&T and Ministry of Finance – reg.

Ref: (i)Railway Board’s letter No.PC-VII/2016/RSRP/2-RBE No.93/2016 dated 02/08/2016 to GMs etc.
(ii)NFIR’s letter No.IV/NFIR/7CPC (Imp)/2016/R.B. dated 12/09/2016, 30/09/2016, 15/11/2016 & 28/11/2016.


Railway Board’s attention is invited to the above cited references as well NFIR’s PNM agenda item No.13/2017 (sent to Board on 20/02/2017).

Federation gives following in-puts with regard to Chemical and Metallurgical Staff in Railways who have been recommended upgradation of Grade Pay by 7th CPC, but however not implemented till now.

a Entry qualification B.Tech in Metallurgy and Chemical/M.Sc Chemistry direct recruitment 100%.
b Duties & responsibilities The CMA/CMS in Indian Railways are primarily  responsible for quality control & consequential safety on Indian Railways. Their duties include checking & testing the Raw materials used in the manufacture of Rolling stocks to exact specifications to avoid the use of sub standard materials in the production repair & maintenance of Railway Coaches, Wagons and Locomotives. Safety items like Wheels, Axles, Rails, Bogie Frames and Springs etc. supplied by the Production & Repair Shops, Firms & Suppliers etc. are tested and certified by CMA/CMS.
All the testing has to be done on a time bound basis to ensure productivity and efficiency in production, repair and maintenance of Rolling Stock and punctuality of Train services ensuring optimum safety & quality control. The C & M Engineers (CMAs & CMS) conduct Failure Investigation of Railway components involved in derailment and accidents and making suitable recommendations for preventing further failures & deficiencies. The C & M Engineers use the NDE (Non-Destructive Evaluation) of critical components and save crores of Rupees for Indian Railways. All works by CMA/CMS are done physically by their own hands. No ministerial staff is provided. Letter drafting for correspondence, Test report generation, record keeping and maintenance of roster/attendance of staff etc. is done by CMS/CMA himself.
c Promotion channel 1. CMA is promoted to CMS Posts;
2. CMS gets promotion to Gr-B post as ACMT through selection.
ACMT posts are very less in numbers, a total of 56 posts exist in Indian Railways since inception of this cadre, out of which about 40% are vacant and are being looked after by ADME/DME/WM etc with additional charge. Poor promotion avenue as there is only 8-10 JAG posts in Indian Railways out of which 50% posts are vacant. The directly recruited B.Tech/M.Sc qualified CMA/CMS will hardly reach to Junior/Senior scale or JAG post in their lifetime.
d Incentive bonus/Allowance No incentive bonus is given to CMA/CMS despite being directly involved in the production/outage of a unit. A best example is a Wheel shop section in a wagon repair workshops in Indian Railways where in the same section, all staff viz. helpers, technicians, JEs, and SSEs get incentive except CMA/CMS. A wheel axle which is a highly safety items in Indian Railways can’t be fitted in a
wagon/Loco until it is ultrasonically tested (UST) physically by own hand by CMA/CMS and certified by him. This axle only after certification from CMA/CMS is fitted in wagon and counted as production/outage of the section. Unfortunately all fitting/assembling staff staff/Supervisors (JE/SSEs) get reward as monthly incentive for this production but no CMA/CMS, who are truly and directly responsible for this production/outage. The same misfortune to CMA/CMS happens in production units and other units also.
e Manpower yardstick There is no yardstick available for any working unit except Diesel shed. Yardstick available for Electric Loco Shed is not followed by Railway Board/Zonal Rlys. which was issued by Director General/Electrical/RDSO, vide circular No.EL/ES/TE-VI, dated-12.04.1996. Due to non availability of yardstick, CMA/CMS are overburdened with the increasing work and new assets. Technological advancement and induction of sophisticated new machinery has increased the workload rather than alleviation since all have to be operated precisely by CMA/CMS with proper training.

NFIR, therefore, urges upon the Railway Board to expedite the matter for acceptance and implementation of 7th CPC recommendation with effect from January 1, 2016.

Yours faithfully,

(Dr M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

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