Probation Period for persons appointed sports quota will be based on their performance in sports

Minutes of Postal Sports Board Meeting held on 25th March 2021

Railway Board circular on extending probationary period of persons recruited against Sports Quota if performance of the sports persons concerned is not satisfactory

Ministry of Railways circular on probationary period of persons recruited under sports quota

Government of India

Ministry of Railways

(Railway Board)

RBE No. 95/2016

Clarification/Corrigendum No.73

No. 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/17

New Delhi, dated 10.08.2016

The General Managers (P),

All Zonal Railways including

CLW, DLW, ICF, RCF, RWF, Metro Railway/Kolkata,

The CAO(R), DMW/Patiala,

The DG, RDSO/Lucknow.

Subject: Probation Period for persons recruited against Sports Quota.

Ref: Board’s letter no. 2010/E (Sports)/4(1)/1(policy) dated 31.12.2010 (RBE No.189B/2010) and clarifications/corrigendum issued thereto.

Attention is invited to para 8.3.3 and 8.3.4 of Board’s letter No. 2010/E (Sports)/4(1)/1 (policy) dated 31.12.2010 stipulating that before completion of the probation period, the performance of the sports person shall be reviewed at the Railway/Unit level by a three members Committee comprising:-

(i) President/Hony. General Secretary of the Sports Association of Zonal Railway/Unit.
(ii) A personnel officer of Sr. Scale/JAG level; and
(iii) Captain/ Coach of the particular discipline.

If the performance of a person recruited on sports account is considered to be unsatisfactory, the probation period will be extended maximum up to two years and the person will have to improve his/her performance to get confirmed in appointment. Even after extended probation, if the performance is found unsatisfactory, then normal procedure will be followed for termination, before the completion of extended probation.

Instances have come to the notice of Railway Board that in spite of the above mentioned instructions no review has been done for years and this non compliance of extant instructions by Administration is leading to hardship being faced by outstanding sports persons.

All Zonal Railways/Production Units may scrupulously adhere to the extant instructions and pull up arrears, if any.

(Bhaskar Roy Chaudhary)

Dy. Director/Estt. (Sports)

Download Railway Board RBE No. 95/2016 No. 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/17 dated 10.08.2016