Selection procedure for promotion to Selection Posts – Formation of Panel

Selection procedure for promotion to Selection Posts – Formation of Panel in the order of seniority amongst those securing qualifying marks

Railway Board has issued letter to all General Managers for setting up a panel for selection procedure for promotion to Selection Posts. The letter is reproduced

RB Estt No.43/2015


 New Delhi, dated  05 .05.2015

The  General Managers (P)
All Indian  Railways &  PUs,
(As per standard  list)

Sub :               Selection  procedure  for  promotion  to Selection  Posts –  Formation of   panel   in   the   order   of   seniority amongst those securing qualifying  marks.

Ref:         PNM/NFIR Item No.2/2012.

Railway  Board, vide  letter of  even  number  dated  06.02.2014,  have issued certain  clarification   with  respect to selection procedure  for  promotion  to Selection Posts.  Some of the Zonal Railways have raised some doubts in conducting   selection from erstwhile  Group ‘D’ to Group ‘C’ posts.

2.         The matter  has been re-examined   in consultation   with  both the  Federation, viz., AIRF and NFIR and as  a  sequel to Railway Board’s letter  of even number  dated 06.02.2014    on  the  above  subject,   it  is clarified   that  while  conducting  selection against 33 1/3% promotion   quota  from  erstwhile  Group ‘D’ (G.P. Rs;1800)  to Group
“C”  (G,P.1900/2000)    posts, panel  is   required   to  be  drawn   in  the  order  of  their seniority  amongst the qualified  staff as per the provisions of para 189 of IREM, Vol-I and ACS No.154 & 155 .

Please acknowledge receipt.

Hindi version will follow.

(Arnita Bhalla)
Deputy Director-II/E(NG)I

Download Railways Ministry letter NO.E(NG)l-2011/PMl/26, dated  05.05.2015

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