Roll-out of Ticket Checking through HHT devices

Roll-out of Ticket Checking through HHT devices

Roll-out of Ticket Checking through HHT devices – List of trains nominated for Ticket Checking though HHTs

Office of the
Chief Administrative Officer/PTS,
State Entry Road, New Delhi-110055

No: CAO/PTS/126/PHHT /Impl. /2019

Dated: 08.06.2022

Principal Chief Commercial Manager(s),
(All Zonal Railways)

Sub: Roll-out of Ticket Checking through HHT devices.

Ref: This office letter of even number dated 20.09.2021 & 26.05.2022.

In addition to 550 HHTs, which were delivered in 2018 for manning Rajdhani/Shatabdi express trains, 10,000 more HHTs have been delivered to Zonal Railways recently. In order to proliferate the ticket checking work through HHT devices in trains, remaining premium trains such as Duranto, Double Decker, Sampark Kranti, Humsafar, Vande Bharat, Garib Rath, Jan-Shatabdi & some important superfast trains which are being manned end to end basis have been identified. A list of such trains is enclosed herewith. In case of any discrepancy in list, the same may be communicated to this office, immediately.

Action-Plan for roll-out of Ticket Checking through HHT devices will be as under:

(a) Availability of 4G SIMs for HHTs: To operate these HHTs, 4G SIMs will be required and the same have to be arranged by the Zonal Railways. Some of the Zonal Railways have already procured the SIMs. Zonal Railways, which have not procured SIMs so far, may expedite the procurement of SIMs.

(b) Training to Ticket Checking staff: It has been planned to train Core-implementers at divisional & Zonal level, who will further provide training to the ticket checking staff over their division. In this context, Zonal Railways vide letter No.CAO/PTS/112/Training/2018 dated 01.06.2022, were requested to provide the details of core-implementers, but details are yet to be provided by Zonal Railways except ECR. Zonal Railways may provide the information before 20th June, 2022.

(c) Registration of HHT devices in HHT application: HHTs need to be registered in HHT application to fetch charts. Hence, Zonal Railways are requested to communicate the details of HHT received along with MAC address immediately to feed the same in HHT application.

(d) Nomination/flagging of trains: All Rajdhani & Shatabdi trains are already being manned through HHT devices. Apart from this, 288 trains have been identified to start the ticket checking through HHTs initially (list enclosed). In addition to this, Zonal Railways may further propose the trains as many as which they want to man through available HHT devices, so that proper flagging in HHT/PRS/TTE lobby applications can be done and maximum trains can be covered for ticket checking through HHT devices.

(e) Monitoring of HHT working: As per RB letter No. 2019/TG-V/44 dated 10.01.2020, “TTEs provided with HHT may be strictly directed to conduct ticket checking using HHTs and transmit vacant berths to the PRS system at the earliest. One set of paper charts may be provided only to the Train captain for emergency need”. There should be proper monitoring for compliance of Board’s instructions.

In view of the above, Zonal Railways are requested to do needful action in the matter and provide requisite information at the earliest.

(Sudhir KGfar Tyagi)
Chief Administrative Officer/PTS

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