RELHS open for Retired Railway Employees with less than 20 years of Service

Railway Board Allows Retired Railway Employees with less than 20 years of Service to join in Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme (RELHS-1997)

Ministry of Railways has sent a letter to all GMs of Indian Railways regarding extension of RELHS-97 to retired employees who have less than 20 years service.





                                          New Delhi, dated 08.09.2015.

The General  Managers,

All Indian  Railways,

(Including  Production  Units & RDSO).

Sub:- Retired  Employees Liberalized  Health Scheme (RELHS-97).

Ref :- (i) Board’s letters No.2003/H/28/l/RELHS   dated 28.01.2005, 21.10.2005, 30.12.2005, 10.05.2006, 10.01.2007 & 16.03.2009.
(ii) Board’s letter No. 2011/H/28/1/RELHS/Court   case dated 31.05.2012.


The question of extending RELHS 97 facility to those retired railway employees also who joined Railways late but retired at the normal age of superannuation before completing 20 years of  service  i.e. the  minimum  qualifying  service required for joining  RELHS, has been engaging attention of Ministry of Railways for some time. The issue was also been raised by both the recognized employee Federations (AIRF & NFIR).

After careful consideration  in the matter, the Competent Authority  in the Ministry of Railways has decided to extend facility of joining   RELHS 97 to all those railway employees who retired at the normal age of superannuation  irrespective of number  of number of years of their service before superannuation. If such employees have any previous service from an other Government Department which makes them eligible for medical facility of that Department also,  they should opt  for one of the two facilities viz. medical facility of the Department of  previous service or RELHS-97.

Other terms and condition of joining RELHS-97, mentioned in Board’s letters cited under reference, will remain unaltered.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Wide publicity should be given to the above position.

Dr. Amitava Dutta)
Executive Director,  Health(G)
Railway Board

Download Railway Board letter No.2013/H/PNM/NFIR dated 08.09.2015

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