Re-distribution of number of DNB seats in Railway Hospitals

Re-distribution of number of DNB seats in Railway Hospitals

Re-distribution of number of DNB seats in Railway Hospitals: Railway Board Order dated 15.11.2023

(RAILWAY BOARD/रेलवे बोर्ड)

No.2018/H/2-1/2/NITI Aayog/CPS-DNB

New Delhi, dated- 15.11.2023

General Manager(s),
All Indian Railways,
Including PUs and RDSO.

Sub:- Re-distribution of number of DNB seats in Railway Hospitals – regarding.
Ref:- This office letter of even No. dated 01.05.2019,

The distribution of DNB seats, Zone-wise, sanctioned by Railway Board, have been circulated vide Board’s letter cited under reference. However, the issue of under-utilisation and over-utilisation of DNB seats sanctioned over Zonal Railway has been engaging attention of Railway Board from some time. After detailed deliberation and with approval of competent authority in Railway Board, it has been decided that total number of DNB seats (including Post MBBS, Post Diploma, Posts MBBS Diploma, Dr. NB, FNB and any other DNB course organized by NBEMS) in Zonal Railway Hospitals should be REDISTRIBUTED as given below. Creation of any new DNB Seats, within the redistributed strength, will require the approval of Zonal finance and approval of General Manager.

Zonal Railway Sanctioned DNB Seats (as per Board’s letter cited under reference) Redistributed DNB Seats
CR 21 26
ER 25 30
ECR 00 10
ECoR 06 06
NR 85 38
NCR 04 04
NER 17 07
NFR 05 12
NWR 05 08
SR 21 33
SCR 18 17
SER 16 21
SECR 03 10
SWR 12 12
WR 26 31
WCR 05 04
CLW 03 03
Total 272 272

In addition to this, it may be ensured that the following instructions are adhered to:-

1. Redistribution of the number of DNB seats for each Zone/PU, as above, includes all types of Post Graduation Courses of DNB ( organized by NBEMS) – like Post MBBS, Post MBBS Diploma, Post Diploma, Doctoral, FNB, Dr.NB etc.

2. General Manager of Zonal Railway is empowered to operate DNB seats in any speciality/ any type of DNB Post Graduate Course of NBEMS, subject to the number of DNB seats falling within sanctioned strength (as per redistribution) and accreditation of NBEMS. Any DNB Seat being started by the Zone/PU wil] require the concurrence of PFA and approval of General Manager.

3. No Zonal Railway / Production Unit should exceed the Sanctioned number of total seats allotted by Railway Board. It will be the responsibility of the concerned Zone to ensure this .

4. PCMDs/PCMOs will update the status of DNB operational seats in their Zone/PU, hospital wise, Course-wise against the redistributed DNB sanctioned seats. This is to be done at their Zonal/ PU website under Medical Department with a separate link. This updation may be done on every quarter {on first working day of the each quarter – (a) January to March, (b) April to June (c) July to September and (d) October to December}.

5. The above redistribution in DNB seats is subject to final approval of National Board of Examination in terms of extant provisions laid down.

6. In case any Zone/PU needs to increase the number of DNB Seats other than as redistributed above to the Zone/PU, the Zonal Railway/PU will forward the proposal of Starting of any new additional DNB seats, prior to applying to NBEMS, to DG/RHS for redistribution of DNB seats within 272 seats, with the concurrence of PFA and approval of GM.

7. All proposals currently under examination at Board level for sanction of DNB seats are being returned to Zonal Railway/PUs, to be dealt with under General Manager’s power. subject to the number of DNB seats within the RB approved strength. as above and accreditation of NBEMS.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate in the Ministry of Railways.

(Dr. A K Malhotra)
Principal Executive Director, Health
Railway Board

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