Rationalization of manpower-Surrender of posts: Railway Board

Bio-data of charged officers - Regarding mandatory fields and up keep of information: Railway Board

Rationalization of manpower-Surrender of posts: Railway Board Clarification Order dated 02.03.2023



Dated. 2/03/2023

The General Secretary,
A.I.R.F, 4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055


Sub: Rationalization of manpower-Surrender of posts.

Ref: General Secretary, AIRF letter no. AIRF/MPP (2) dtd. 01/01/2023.

With reference to your above referred letter. it is informed that in order to optimally utilize the manpower, continuous review of sanctioned Strength in view of changes in technology, working systems and redundancies is done from time to time.

2. With regard to your request that Recognized Unions at the Zonal/Divisional level should be taken into confidence to avoid any discontentment, it is informed that instructions have already been issued to Zonal Railways/PUs vide Board’ letter no. E(MPP)2018/1/1 dated 24/11/2020.

3. Further, Zonal Railways have also been advised vide Board’s letter no E(MPP)2021/1/4 dtd. 31/05/2022 that all the related instructions with regard to surrender of posts, especially related to promotion etc. are to be adhered to.

4. Moreover, in one of the references made for surrender of posts by Eastern Railway, it has been advised, inter-alia, to Zonal railways/PUs vide Board’s letter no. E(MPP)2022/1/32 dtd. 21/02/2023 that due care should be taken while identifying the posts, so that safety is not compromised and must not have any adverse effect on promotion of employees. and it should also be ensured that the posts to accommodate the candidates coming in near future against the indents placed with RRBs/RRCs are available.

5. In this regard, Board’s letter no. E(MPP)2021/1/4 dtd. 05/07/2022 addressed to General Secretary, AIRF may also be connected, wherein the issue regarding promotional avenues of the staff has already been addressed.

Yours faithfully,

For Principal Executive Director/IR, Railway Board

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