Minimum rates of Wages and VDA w.e.f. 01.10.2020 – Railway Board

Dearness Allowance @ 189% from July 2021 to Railway employees  as per 6th CPC

Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f. 01.10.2020 – Railway Board Order RBE No. 92 /2020 dated 29.10.2020


RBE No. 92 /2020

No. 2020/E (LL)/AT/M W/2

New Delhi dated :19.10.2020

The General Managers,
Zonal Railways, Production Units.
Metro Railway, Kolkata, CORE/Allahabad
The General Managers,(Construction), All Indian Railways
The Director General , ROSO Lucknow,
The CAO, COFMOW Tilak Bridge, New Delhi
The CAO, Rail Coach Factory/ Raebareli , The CAO, Rail Wheel Plant, Bela

Sub : Minimum rates of wages and variable dearness allowance w.e.f. 01.10.2020

A copy each of Orders No. (i) I /20( I )/2020-LS-II, (ii) 1120(2)/2020-LS-I I , (iii) No. 1/20/(3)/2020- LS-l I , (iv) No. 1 /20(4)/2020-LS-II (v) N o. 1/20(5)/2020-LS.lI (vi) 1/20(6)/2020-LS-II and (vii) 1/20( 7)/2020-LS-II dated 1 2.10.2020 revising the rates of variable dearness allowance for contract workers engaged in (i) Agriculture (ii) Gypsum Mines, Barytes Mines, Bauxite Mines, Manganese Mines, China Clay Mines, Kyanite Mines, Copper Mines, Clay Mines, Magnesite, Mines, White Clay Mines, Stone Mines, Steatite Mines (including the mines producing Soap Stones and Talc), Ochre Mines, Asbestos Mines, Fire Clay Mines, Chromite Mines, Quratzite Mines, Qrarts Mines, Silica Mines, Graphite Mines, Felspar Mines, Laterite Mines, Dolomite Mines, Red Oxide Mines, Wolfram Mines Iron Mines Ore Mines, Granite Mines, Rock Phosphate Mines, Hematite Mines Marble and Calcite Mines, Uranium Mines, Mica Mines, Lignite Mines, Grace Mines, Slate Mines and Magnetite Mines (iii) Construction or Maintenance of Roads or runways or in Building Operations including Laying Down Underground electric, wireless, Radio, Television, Telephone, Telegraph and Overseas Communication Cables and Similar other Underground cabling work, Electriclines, Water supply lines and Sewerage Pipe Lines (iv) Loading and unloading in (i) Goods sheds, parcel offices of Railways, (ii) other goods-sheds, godowns, warehouses and other similar employments; (iii) Docks and Ports; And (iv) Passengers goods and Cargo Carried out at Airports ( Both International and Domestic) (v) Employment of sweeping and cleaning excluding activities prohibited under the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993 (vi) Watch and Ward (With arms and without arms) and (vii) Stone Mines are enclosed. The rates are applicable w.e.f. 01.10.2020.

2. Railways, being Principal Employer are required to ensure that the contractors are complying with the provisions of the Contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970 and Minimum wages Act, 1948 strictly and arranging prescribed minimum wages to the contract labourers.

3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways. Please acknowledge receipt.

4. The original letter as mentioned above may be down loaded from the official website of Ministry of labour & Employment

D.A.: As above (8) pages

(Ms. Manju)

Director Establishment (LL)
Railway Board

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