Verification of Railway Pensioners at Banks by Railway Staff

Railway Accounts Staff will verify  Railway Pensioners / Family pensioners in banks during Nov 2015 while submitting life certificates.

Railway Board announced that a special drive to check the identity of the pensioners/family pensioners in the month of November,2015 when they come for submission of life certificate in banks.




RBA No. 62 /2015


New Delhi, Dated 05.10.2015

General Managers,

All Indian Railways

Sub: Verification of Pensioners/ Family pensioners in banks.

Please refer to Board’s letter of even no. dated 18.09.2014 vide which Railways were advised to undertake a special drive for verification of pensioners/family pensioners in the month of November,2014 when they come for submission of life certificate in banks.

It is desired that similar exercise may be carried out in the month of November, 2015 also in the premises of banks, through which a major part of pension is disbursed, for identification of railway pensioners with reference to the relevant pension records with the railways.

For this purpose, as was done last year, staff drafted from Accounts and Personnel departments in Headquarters/ Divisions/ Workshops may be deputed to the banks located in the vicinity of HQ/ Divisions/Workshops to remain present with the bank staff assigned for government pension. This exercise may be carried out during the entire month of November, 2015. During this period, besides verification of pensioners, the Railway staff would undertake check of pension, as per the draft check list enclosed. The concerned pension disbursing banks are being advised separately to facilitate this exercise. However, the Railway may also co-ordinate with nodal branch of the various banks and ensure that suitable instructions reach their concerned branches.

Kindly prepare action plan and monitor its implementation. Results of action taken as above may please be advised to Board in the first week of December, 2015.

DA: As above


Additional Member/Staff

Railway Board

Download Railway Board letter RBA No. 62 /2015 No.2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt.IV dated 05.10.2015


1. The employees deputed to the particular branch should carry the latest debit scroll with the name of the pensioners to verify its correctness with bank records.

2. 100% matching of pensioners’names and amount with that of the bank.

3. Physical verification of the pensioner will be checked w.r.t:-
i) Life certificate.

ii) PPO details – confirm the personal details and details of his/her dependants.

iii) Proof/Authenticity of the certificate of dependency in case of dependants drawing family pension.
4. Correctness of revised pension from ready reckoner, etc.

5. After conclusion of this exercise, the nominated railway official will jointly sign certificate with the bank that _________ number of pensioners/family pensioners are drawing pension from the branch and the debit for the month of November,2015 is ₹____________.

6. Any other item which the FA&CAO/CPO may consider fit.

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