Productivity Linked Bonus to Railwaymen for the year 2015-16

Bonus for Railway Employees Cabinet approves

Productivity Linked Bonus for Railway Employees – AIRF writes to Railway board for PLB @ Rs.7000 p.m. along with arrears, since ceiling has been enhanced



All India Railwaymen’s Federation

(Estd, 1924)

4,State Entry Road

New Delhi – 110 055




The Secretary(E)

Railway Board

New Delhi

Kind Attn: Shri Dhruv Singh,

EDPC-I, Railway Board

Dear sir,

Sub: Productivity – Linked Bonus to Railwaymen for the year 2015-16

In reference to our discussion with the Additional Member (Staff), Railway Board, on 2nd August, 2016, we have explained thread bare about the modalities and norms fixed for the Productivity -Liked Bonus to railwaymen for the year 2015-16.

It is a well-known fact that, the formula envisaged for calculation of number of days for PLB in November 1979 has been sanctioned and the federations had never agreed for any alteration in that formula.

Railway Board is quite aware that the railwaymen are putting their best efforts for running Indian Railways system smoothly and efficiently 365 x 24 x 7 days even by laying their precious lives, therefore, any alteration with PLB Formula, which reduces the number of days, will demotivate them and will be proved counter – Productive to the interests of the Indian Railways. Though the number of railway is being reduced, they are carrying more number of passenger and freight trains, therefore, it is quite evident that, productivity of the railwaymen has increased to a great extent.

AIRF has already explained that any reduction in the number of days of PLB in comparison to last year will never be tolerated, and that can lead to further agitations.

Here it is pertinent to mention that, every time when the government changed, ceiling of the PLB also changed in the Railways. Last time (in 2009-10) when PLB ceiling was changed from Rs.2500 to 3500 p.m., railwaymen were paid PLB along with the arrear. Similarly, we expect that, this time also, since PLB ceiling has been enhanced from Rs.3500 to Rs.7000 p.m., Railwaymen will be paid PLB @ Rs.7000 p.m. along with arrear.

Yours faithfully

Source : AIRF