Payment to contract and outsourced staff during suspension of passenger services – Railways

Payment to contract and outsourced staff during the period of suspension of passenger services on Indian Railways


प्रधान मुख्य कार्मिक अधिकारी का कार्यालय/
Office of the Principal Chief Personnel Officer
7 रेल सदन, द्वितीय तल, भुवनेश्वर – 751017
Rail Sadan, IInd Floor, Bhubaneswar-751017

स्थापना क्रमाक/ Estt. Srl. No. 90/2020

Date: 23.07.2020

सेवा मे,

सभी प्रमुख विभागाध्यक्षों/लमनन्‍्वयक विभागाध्यक्षों, पू त रे/भुवनेश्वर
म॑.रे.प्र/व.मं.का.अधिकरी/मं.का.अधिकारी-खो रधारोड,वालातेरू, संबलपुर,
मु.कारखाता प्रबंधक/कारखाना कार्मिक अधिकारी- मंचेश्वर, अतिरिक्त रजिस्ट्रार/रेल दावा अधिकरण,
उ.मु.का अधिकारी(नि.)/भुवनेश्वर
महा सचिवब/इकोर श्र. कां., महा सचिव/इकोर श्र. यू.,
महा सचिब/एआई ओ बी सी आर ई ए, महा सचिव/ ए आई एस सी एस टी आरई ए

Payment to contract and outsourced staff during the period of suspension of passenger services on IR.


उपर्युक्त विषय पर रेलबे बोर्ड पत्र सं. 2020/EnHM/25/01 दिनांक 30.06.2020 की प्रतिलिपि सूचना मार्गदर्शन एवं आवश्यक कार्रवाई हेतु अग्रेषित है.

A copy of Railway Board’s Lr. No. 2020/EnHM/25/01 Dated 30.06.2020 on the above quoted subject is forwarded herewith for information, guidance and necessary action.

Encl: As above,

Chairman RRC & Dy. CPOUR&W)
For Principal Chief Personnel Officer

प्रतिलिपि प्रेषित/Copy to:

  1. मह्ठाप्रबंधक के सचिव/पूर्व तट रेलवे, भुवनेश्वर

  2. मुकाधि/मुकाधि(प्रशा.), उप म.प्र, अध्यक्ष(रेलवे भर्ती प्रकोष्ठ)

  3. उप मुख्य प्रबंधक(सू.प्रौ), उप मुकाधि(औ.सं.एवं कल्याण), वकाधि(इंजी.)

  4. बकाधि(स्टाफ), वकाधि(मुख्या. एवं न्‍्याया.)

  5. मुकाधि के निजी सचिव/सहा.कार्मिक अधि.(मुख्या.),सहा.कार्मिक अधि.(कल्याण), सहा. कार्मिक अधि. (बिल),


No. 2020/EnHM/25/01

Dated: 30.06.2020

General Managers /E CoR
All Indian Railways

Payment to contract and outsourced Staff during the period of suspension of passenger services on IR

Ref: (i) RB Letter No. 2020/EnHM/25/01 dt. 23.03.2020
(ii) M/o Finance O.M.s No. 23(4)/E.Coord/2020/1 dt. 23.03.2020 & 20.05.2020

Vide Ref (i) above, Railway Board instructions for payment to Contractual outsourced staff, engaged in providing services in trains, stations and offices directly affected with suspension of services and lockdown situation, were issued.

In continuation of above, Ministry of Finance’s O.M.s No. 23(4)/E.Coord/2020/I dt. 23.03.2020 and 20.05.2020 on the subject of ‘Payment of Wages to Outsourced Persons of Ministries/ Departments and other organizations of Government of India during lockdown period due to COVID-19’, are enclosed for compliance.

RB letter dated 23.03.2020 at Ref (i) is accordingly applicable up to 31.09.2020 as advised by MoF. Thereafter the contracts shall be governed by respective contract conditions. Further it is advised that payment to contractors should be released when proof of making payment to workers for previous month, for payment already received from Railways, is submitted. If any further directions are issued by MoF, the same will be advised for necessary action.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

DA: as above.

(Shivendra Mohan)
Executive Director

No. 2020/EnHM/25/01

New Delhi, Dt. 30.06.2020

The PFAs, All Indian Railways
The Dy CAG (Railways), Room No. 224, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi.

For Financial Commissioner/Railways

EDF(X)-II, EDF(B), DF(X), DDF(B), DDF(Z)-II and Budget Branches Railway Board.

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