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Clarification regarding Pass/travel entitlement – Railway Board Order No. E(W)2020/PS5-1/9 dated 13.04.2021

RBE No. 29/2021


No. E(W)2020/PS5-1/9

New Delhi, dated 13.04.2021

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways
Production Units.

Sub: Clarification regarding Pass/travel entitlement.

Ref: Board’s letters No. E(W)2016/PS5-1/8 dated 31.01.2019 and 26.07.2019.

Consequent upon operationalisation of E-Pass module as a part of HRMS, Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) have sought for clarifications on certain issues in connection with Board’s letters cited above.

2. The matter has been examined in consultation with Commercial and P&A Directorates and the following clarifications are issued:-

(i) All First Class ‘A’/First Class/Second Class ‘A’ Pass holders are entitled to travel in 3-AC Class as well as Chair Car Class of all Mail/Express type Trains. Accordingly, in the table of travel entitlement contained in Annexures I & II of Board’s letter dated 31.01.2019 quoted above, ‘CC’ may be added along-with 3-AC and may be read as “3-AC/CC” in the column under “Berth/Seat Entitlements of Mail/Express Trains”.

(ii) The post of Assistant Library & Information Officer at Railway Board, National Rail Museum and IRICEN in Pay Level in Pay Matrix (PLPM) 7 has since been upgraded as a Group ‘B’ Gazetted post. Accordingly, in the Board’s above cited letters dated 31.01.2019 & 26.07.2019, PLPM 7 may be added in all places alongwith ‘Group B Gazetted Officers in PLPM 8’.

3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

(Mahesh Kumar Meena)
Joint Director Estt. (Welfare)
Railway Board.

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