MACP anomalies – Revised List of Grievances of Staff – NFIR

MACP anomalies – Revised List of Grievances of Staff – NFIR provides list of MACP related issues which will be submitted to Railway Board

NFIR has listed out the Revised MACP anomalies to be discussed / represented to Railway Board. The list is given below:

List of items to be discussed

(1)  Financial  up-gradation under  MACPS  to  the  directly  recruited  Graduate  Engineers – Considering entry Grade Pay as Rs. 4,600/- for the purpose of MACP to all the directly recruited Engineering Graduates in Design/Drawing Cadre and other Cadres.

(2) Third financial up-gradation  under MACPS on completion of 20 years of service from first promotion or 10  years after second promotion or 30 years after regular appointment whichever is earlier?

(3)  Grant  of  financial  up-gradation under  MACP  Scheme  in  the  promotional  hierarchy – (instead of Grade Pay hierarchy)-  as per judgment of various Courts.

(4)  MACPS  benefits  to  railway  employees  –   cases  of  employees  joining  another organization on request.

(5)  Provision of all benefits on financial upgrading under MACPS –  including entitlement travel & treatment in hospital etc.

(6)  Non-grant of benefit of financial  up-gradation under MACPS to the staff on North Western Railway.

(7)  Grant of Financial  Up-gradation under MACPS to the staff who are in the same Grade for more than 20 years.

(8)   Abolition  of Pay Scale and Introduction of up-graded Pay Scale with revised designation Senior  Section Engineers (Drawing) – Clarification on entry Grade Pay.

(9)  Non-grant of financial  up gradation under MACP Scheme to the Stock Verifiers working Zonal Railways/ Production Units.

(10)  Grant of financial  Up-gradation under MACP Scheme –  Wrongful clarification issue the Railway Board.

(11) Wrong implementation  of MACP Scheme in IT Cadre/ Granting of financial benefit under MACP scheme to EDP Staff.

(12) Grant of Transport Allowance to the employees availing the facility of Workmen Trains.

Download revised MACP anomalies updated on 12.05.2015

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