Kerala floods – Railway Employees asked to contribute 1 day Salary

Non-redressal of long pending genuine demands of the Railwaymen

Railway Board request its Employees to contribute one day salary for Kerala Flood Relief activities – Donation made to be deposited in Prime Minister National Relief Fund

ASHWANI LOHANI                                                              CHAIRMAN, RAILWAY BOARD

D.O. No.2018/E(LL)/PMNRF/1

Dated : 21st August, 2018

Dear General Managers, DGs, CAOs 86 equivalents

Sub: Contribution to Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF) – Kerala Floods.

As you are aware, catastrophic floods have struck the state of Kerala resulting in death of hundreds of people and rendering thousands of people homeless, besides causing incalculable loss to property and livestock. This is one of the worst natural disasters faced by our country. Kerala Flood victims require immediate assistance in the form of cash and kind.

2. The intensity of the disaster calls for mobilization of all possible help from every source. Those of us who are more fortunately placed, have a special responsibility in this hour of crisis. Railwaymen have always stood up and extended their helping hand in such crisis. In the past also Railwaymen showed their solidarity with the grief-stricken victims, by contributing a day’s wages.

3. I would, therefore, appeal to each one of Railway servants to generously contribute to the PMNRF by donating at least one day’s wages (Basic Pay) towards this cause. In order to facilitate voluntary contribution to PMNRF, it is suggested that one day’s wages should be deducted from salary of all Railwaymen except those who have given a specific declaration either for (a) non-deduction or (b) deduction for less than one day’s wage on this account. As you may be aware, contributions to the PMNRF are notified for 100% deduction from taxable income under Section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

4. Please give wide publicity of this message amongst all the Railway servants under your control through letters, SMS, involving recognized Trade Unions etc. The Zonal Railways /PUs should transfer the consolidated amount towards contribution to PMNRF to Railway Board, so that a single cheque on behalf of all Railwaymen can be handed over to Prime Minister’s office.

5. I am sure that Railwaymen will respond overwhelmingly to this appeal and make contributions to mitigate the plight of millions of people affected by Kerala Floods.

Yours sincerely,
(Ashwani Lohani)

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