Indian Railways – Details of Facilities provided to Female Passengers

Revision of conservancy Cess Charges of Indian Railways w.e.f. 01.07.2021

Indian Railways: Details of Facilities provided to Female Passengers


(i) Women senior citizens of minimum 58 years of age (For men senior citizen of minimum 60 years) are eligible for 50% concession (Men senior citizen are eligible for 40% concession) in the fare of all classes in’ Mail/ Express, Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Jan Shatabdi group of trains.

(ii) Women recipients of president’s police Medal for distinguished service and Indian Police award for meritorious service are eligible for 60% concession (Concession is 50% for men) in all classes of Rajdhani / Shatabdi/ Jan Shatabdi trains.

(iii) War widows, widows of I.P.K.F. personnel killed in action in Sri Lanka, widows of Policemen & Paramilitary personnel & defence personnel killed in action against Terrorist & Extremists and widows of Martyars of operation Vijay in Kargil in 1999 are entitled for 75% concession in second and sleeper class.

(iv) Girls upto Graduation/ professional/ vocational courses are eligible for free second class Monthly season ticket from Home town to School/ College / Institution. (In case of the Boys this facility is available upto 12th standard) .

(v) Girls of Government School in Rural areas who travels to appear entrance exams for national level Medical, engineering etc are eligible for 75% concession in second class.

(vi) A reservation quota of six berths in sleeper class in long distance Mail/ Express Trains and a reservation quota of six berths in 3AC class of all Rajdhani/ Duronto/fully Air Conditioned / Express trains has been earmarked for female passengers irrespective of their age, travelling alone or in a group of female passengers.

(vii) A combined quota of six to seven lower berths per coach in Sleeper class, four to five lower berths per coach each in Air Conditioned 3 tier (3AC) and three to four lower berths per coach in Air Conditioned 2 tier (2AC) classes (depending on the number of coaches of that class in the train) has been earmarked for senior citizens, female passengers 45 years of age and above and pregnant women.

(viii) In the computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) there is a provision to allot lower berths to Senior Citizens, Female passengers of 45 years and above automatically, even if no choice is given, subject to availability of accommodation at the time of booking.

(ix) After departure of the train, if there are vacant lower berths available in the train and if any person with disability booked on the authority of handicapped concession or a senior citizen or a pregnant woman, who has been allotted upper / middle berth, approaches for allotment of vacant lower berths, the on board Ticket Checking Staff has been authorized to allot the vacant lower berth to them making necessary entries in the chart.

(x) Separate counters are earmarked at various Passenger Reservation System(PRS) centres for dealing with the reservation requisitions received from person with disability, senior citizens, Ex. MPs, MLAs, female passengers, accredited journalists and freedom fighters, if the average demand per shift not less than 120 tickets. In case there is no justification for earmarking of an exclusive counter for any of these categories of persons including female passengers or senior citizens, one or two counters depending upon the total demand are earmarked for dealing with the reservation requests for all these categories of persons.

At those reservation offices which have not been computerized and where separate counters for female passengers are not in existence, female passengers are not required to be compelled to join the general queues and are to be attended separately at the same counter as for general passengers.

(xi) Accommodation is also earmarked for female passengers in the unreserved coaches of Mail/ Express trains.

(xii) Separate compartments/ coaches have been earmarked in suburban trains for exclusive use of female passengers.

(xiii) Ladies special trains are also run wherever required and feasible.

(xiv) Waiting room / halls are earmarked for female passengers at important stations.

(xv) Separate toilets for female passengers are provided as per norms.