Indian Railways AC 3-Tier Coaches Are Getting a Massive Makeover!

Indian Railways AC 3-Tier Coaches Are Getting a Massive Makeover!

RailwaysHere’s some brilliant news for all those who take the AC 3-tier coaches while travelling by Indian Railways trains – the ministry is launching a whole new version of the standard AC 3-tier coaches that boast a bevy of new features.

M K Gupta, General Manager of the Modern Coach Factory workshop in Rae Bareli, has been quoted by the Financial Express as saying, “Ever since the AC 3-tier first rolled out in India, we have not been able to get rid of the footprint of the old design.

Whatever little changes were made inside before in railways, the look and feel as well as the user experience remained more or less the same. Our mandate was to change all that and make from scratch.”

The new features are part of the coaches in the AC 3-tier Humsafar Express, which is slated to be launched later this month.

Here are five changes you can expect from the new coaches that will set them apart from the standard fare.

1) Charging your mobile phones will no longer be a problem as there are USB charging ports for all the berths. The railway authorities will also be installing reading lights.

2) All coaches will come with GPS-enabled screens that will provide information on the train’s exact current location to passengers who are travelling.

3) The toilets are also getting a massive renovation. The flooring will be made of material that will prevent the area from getting soiled. There will also be separate urinals for men.

4) In what’s likely to be good news for new parents, the coaches will come with tables that can be used to change diapers for babies.

5) They will also come with tea and coffee vending machines and will boast CCTV cameras for better security for all those who travel.

Source: TBI