Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees

Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees

Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees – Indian Railway’s Order dated 9th July 2018.

Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees


No.2018/Transf.Cell/MR Dash Board/Motivation


The General Manager,All Indian Railways/PUs,NF(con), CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow,DG/NFIR/Vadodara

Sub: Incentive Scheme for Railway Employees

Ref: (i) This office letter of even No.dated 27.12.2017
(ii) Presentation made to the Board on 06.03.2018
(iii) This office letter of even No. dated 23.03.2018

Pursuant to the presentation made by the GM/NWR to full Board on 06.03.2018, recommendations of the Committee have been considered by the Board (ME,MT,MS,FC,CRB) Following key recommendations have been approved by CRB.

1. At the time of exercising option for fixation of pay the employee shall be provided with two options for calculation of pay so that he is able to pick up the best. As the employee would be exercising the option in a more informed manner, a wider window be provided to them, if they seek to change the option, and Master Circular for the pay fixation should be suitably amended.

2. Zonal Railways can consider providing accommodation (not leased) strictly for family of field level staff at a nodal station generally within 50-100 kms of the way side station where he or she is posted. The Zonal Railway may chose the nodal station on their own where they want to operate this scheme as per feasibility and allot vacant quarters at the nodal stations on the first come fist serve basis. If required some of the way side station quarters can be converted into transit camp or dormitories at the discretions of Zonal Railways. This would alleviate a major concern of out field staff who face problems on this account. GM’s may take necessary action based on the above.

3. It would be better to provide resting facility with toilets at manned level crossings for use by the trackmen and other field staff. This facility can be a temporary structure made up of porta cabins and be provided within the sanctioned budget of the Zonal Railways.

4. All other items which are apparently of general nature may be taken up as a pilot project by GM/NWR for which he is being fully authorized. The result of the pilot project be sent to Board for further action.

Concerned Directorates will issue necessary detailed instructions in respect of items at 1,2 & 3 above in particular and other items listed in the Annexure wherever necessary.

This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell.

Executive Director

Read/Download Railway Board Order No.2018/Transf.Cell/MR Dash Board/Motivation dated 9th July 2018.

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