Human Resource Management System: Railway Board Order dated 08.10.2021

Issuing PRCP in Physical Mode to the retired officers and staff: Railway Board clarification

Human Resource Management System – Regarding accessibility, infrastructure, training and other issues: Railway Board Order dated 08.10.2021


No. PC-Vll/2021/DCJCM/2

New Delhi, dated: 08.10.2021

The General Managers,
Zonal Railways/PUs, ROSO, CORE, CTls

Sub: Human Resource Management System – reg.

Eight modules of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) have been launched till date to digitize various HR related aspects of Indian Railways and to facilitate the employees to avail various services like Privilege Passes, PF Loan etc. through digital means. The various HRMS modules have gained widespread acceptance among the employees as is evident from about 21.5 lakh e-Passes issued and more than 2 lakh PF loans processed till date.

2. In the recent DC-JCM meeting, both the Federations viz. NFIR and AIRF have raised issues of accessibility, infrastructure, training and other issues regarding operating the HRMS modules being faced.

3. In view of the issues raised by Federations and to ensure adequate assistance on HRMS to each and every employee of Indian Railways, the following measures may be adopted:

(i) Availability of sufficient hardware and networking infrastructure may be ensured in all the Zonal Offices in terms of Board’s letter No. PC-Vll/2020/HRMS/1 (Part) dated 01.07.2020 to enable the employees to digitally avail the various services offered by HRMS.

(ii) Helpdesks/Facilitation centres may be set up in all the Zones to facilitate the employees in availing various services on HRMS.

(iii) The helpdesks shall be provided with sufficient infrastructure to cater to the needs of the employees .

(iv) HRMS Helpline numbers may be set up and circulated in all the Zones to assist those employees telephonically who cannot visit the helpdesks.

(v) Widespread and detailed training and guidance programs may be conducted for the administration as well as the employees to demonstrate all the features of HRMS modules and also to resolve commonly faced operational issues. Training material and user manuals/handouts may be issued in vernacular medium by Railway offices to facilitate the employees in using HRMS through step-by-step illustrations.

4. Further steps to ensure user-friendliness of the modules to make it more seamless are being taken in consultation with nodal officers nominated for HRMS modules and development team of CRIS. Module Nodal Officers shall continue to engage with CRIS on regular basis. Further, CRIS will take all required steps to facilitate seamless availability of servers, help desk at CRIS.

5. It is advised that all the field units may initiate necessary action in respect of measures suggested in Para-3 above to ensure that all the employees are able to access the services through HRMS easily.

(Alka Arora Misra)
Additional Member (HR)
Railway Board

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