Discussions on MACP Anomalies

Record Note of Discussions  held  by Executive  Directors  with  Federations  (AIRF & NFIR) on 12.10.2015   on MACPS anomalies.

Railway Board has sent the Record Note of Discussions held by Executive Directors with Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 12.10.2015 on MACPS anomalies to NFIR.

MACP in Promotional Hierarchy - Stayed by Supreme Court


(Bharat Sarkar)


(Rail Manrtalaya)



New Delhi, dated: 08.12.2015

The General Secretary, AIRF,

4, State Entry Road,

New Delhi-110 055.

The General Secretary, NFIR,

3, Chelmsford Road,

New Delhi – 110 055

Dear Sirs,

Sub: Record Note of Discussions held by Executive Directors with Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 12.10.2015 MACPS anomalies.

I am directed to forward herewith Record Note of Discussions held on 12.10.2015 on the above mentioned subject for information and record.

Yours faithfully,

(Nirmala Usha Tirkey)




No. 2014/E(LR)II/1/4

Record Note of Discussions  held  by Executive Directors with  Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 12.10.2015 on MACPS anomalies.


The following officers and representatives of Federations attended the meeting:-

Official Side




1.  Shri Dhruv Singh, EDPC-I General Secretary

1.Shri S.G.  Mishra,

1.Shri Guman  Singh, President
2. Smt. Neera Khuntia, EDPC-II 2.Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary
3. Shri Tanveer Ahmed, EDF(E) 3. Shri B. C. Sharma
4. Shri Arvind Kumar, EDE(N)
5. Shri DebashisMallik, DE(IR)
 Issues Remarks
1 Financial  up-gradation under MACPS to   the   directly  recruited Graduate Engineers –  Considering entry  Grade Pay as Rs. 4,600/- for the  purpose of  MACP to  all  the directly recruited      Engineering Graduates in   Design/Drawing Cadre and other Cadres. The    Staff   side   stated   that    Engineering Graduates who were directly recruited in pay scale of z 5500-9000/- and already promoted to  pay scale of z 6500-10500/- prior to year 1999 had no opportunity to appear in L.D.C.E. conducted   against  20%   Direct  Recruitment Quota. As such, their  promotion from  pay scale of Rs. 5500-9000/-   to Rs. 6500-10500/-   is being reckoned for  MACPS. This has caused gross injustice to these degree holders. They therefore demanded for MACPS benefit to such staff  treating   their   entry·  grade  as z 6500- 10500/- on the cut off date 01.09.1998.

Official  Side  stated  that   the  case will   be referred again to DOP&T with complete details for  reconsideration after  consulting the Staff Side.

2 Third  financial up-gradation under MACPS .on  completion of 20 years of service from the first promotion or 10 years after second promotion or 30 years after  regular appointment – whichever is earlier? The Staff  side stressed for  their  demand of grant of third financial up-gradation under MACPS  on completion of 20 years of service from first promotion.

It was agreed to make a reference to DOP&T to allow 3rd financial up-gradation after 20 years from first promotion in consultation with both Federations.


3 Grant    of   financial    up-gradation under      MACP     Scheme   in    the promotional  hierarchy  –  (instead  of Grade   Pay  hierarchy)  –   as  per judgement of various Courts. The Staff side  pointed out that  various  Courts have  given judgements that MACP be given in Cadre  hierarchy   and  the   same should    be implemented.     Secondly,   ACP  Scheme should be given  to a  Cadre where it  is  more advantageous than MAPCS.

It was agreed to identify the cadres  for whom ACP  Scheme  is    more  advantageous than MACPS. Thereafter, a  reference will be made to   DOP&T in  consultation  with   both Federations to  allow  ACP  Scheme   in  those cadres.

4 MACPS benefits to  railway   employees –   cases of employees   joining another unit/  organization on request. Official side stated that  as agreed earlier  the circulation  of   DOPT’s   instruction   dated 04.10.2012 on this  issue is  under process in consultation  with the Finance Dte.
5 Provision  of all benefits on financial upgrading   under   MACPS – including  entitlements for travel & treatment in hospital etc. Official side stated that as per policy instructions,  the  employees   drawing  higher grade pay under MACP Scheme are entitled  for all   the  benefits which  are  linked  to the  pay drawn by them.  Staff side  was requested to come out  with specific entitlements which are being denied to such staff.

It  was agreed to check the criteria   on which basis travel & treatment in  hospitals  has been given.

6 Non-grant  of  benefit  of financial  up-gradation under MACPS  to  the staff on North  Western Railway. It was agreed to obtain   information  from North western Railway regarding  the  recruitment post,  qualification,  pay scale and number of staff who have not been granted the benefit of financial  up-gradation  under  MACPS  and the matter will be re-examined.
7 Grant    of   Financial    Up-  gradation Same as mentioned   at S.  No. 2.
8 Abolition   of     Pay        Scale     and  Introduction       of    up-graded  Pay   Scale    with   revised  designation  _  Senior  Section  Engineers (Drawing) –  Clarification   on entry  Grade Pay. Staff side  stated that the  the  matter    needs   to be  examined  in  the   light   of  Railway Board’s   letter  issued  in  year    1980  for  Assistant Draftsmen only and not Tracers. Staff  side stated   that  the were  appointed   against    DR quota as per Board’s decision pursuant  to discussions in the DC/JCM meeting  and  they  should  be granted MACPS benefit.

It  was  agreed  to  examine  the  matter accordingly.

9 Non-grant of financial up-gradation under  MACPS Scheme to the Stock verifiers working in Zonal Railways/ Production Units It was agreed that  the matter  will be examined by  Pay Commission  Dte.  in  consultation  with Establishment  Dte.
10 Grant    of    financial     Up-gradation under MACP Scheme – Wrongful clarification issued  by  the Railway
Official  side explained  to Staff side that clarification    issued ·    vide   Board’s  letter dated 13.12.2012   is  specific   to   a   situation  where feeder  and  promotion  post are  in same grade pay and this has been issued as per the clarification   issued by the  DOP&T which is  the nodal department  on MACPS.

Staff   side   stated   that   they   will   study   the matter

11 Wrong implementation of  MACP Scheme  in  IT  Cadre/ Granting  of  financial benefit under MACP Scheme to EDP Staff.

 It was agreed that the matter  will be examined in consultation  with  DOP&T and draft  reference to DOP&T    will      be shared with both Federations.


Download Railway Board letter No.2015/E(LR)II/1/4, dated 08.12.2015

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