Discontinuation of physical passes – Railway Board

Counting of 50% of service, rendered by Casual Labour, for reckoning 10,20 and 30 years service under MACPS

Discontinuation of physical passes: Instructions to issue physical passes in extraordinary unforeseen circumstances – Railway Board Order dated 02.09.2021


File No. PC-V11/2020/HRMS/16

New Delhi, Dated: 02/09/2021

Principal Chief Personnel Officers,
All indian Railways/Production Units
(As per standard Mailing list)

Sub : Discontinuation of physical passes — reg.

Vide Board’s letter of even number dated 01.09.2021, orders have been issued directing all field units that Privilege Pass for serving employees has to be issued only through HRMS w.e.f. 01.09.2021.

2. Since then it has been observed that HRMS is facing some operational constraints due to certain technical glitches which is resulting in a situation that the employees are not able to draw their passes.

3. In order to ensure that employees are not to put any hardships due to no fault of their, it is advised that PCPOs may decide to issue physical passes in extraordinary unforeseen circumstances where HRMS is not operational due to technical reasons without waiting for formal orders from Board.

4. The course of action suggested in para 3 may be resorted to only in circumstances where HRMS is not operational and it shall also be ensured that due diligence may be taken to make proper entries to keep the pass record of each employee updated to avoid issue of excess pass.

(M. K. Gupta)
Executive Director, Pay Commission-Il
Railway Board
Ph. No. 011-47843120

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