APAR for Railway Employees to be implemented online in Phased Manner

APAR for Railway Employees to be implemented online in Phased Manner – Writing of APARs through SPARROW for the year 2016-17.

Railway Board circular  regarding APAR.  Manual APAR can  be submitted in respective of authorities proceeding on deputation or retiring etc.

Government of India

Ministry of Railways

(Railway Board)

No. 2017/SCC/03/06

New Delhi,

Dt. 24.03.2017

General Managers/equivalents,

Zonal Railways, PUs, CTIs etc.


Sub: Writing of APARs for the year 2016-17.

Railways/PUs etc. have been advised vide letter no. 2017/RBCC/7/10/e0ffice­SPARROW dated.17.02.2017 that from the reporting year 2016-17, APARs of Railway officers at the level of Dy. Secretary (JAG) and above are to be filled online under the SPARROW system in terms of DOP&T’s instructions.

2.For the above purpose, a letter was issued on 17.03.2017 with detailed guidelines to all the Zones, PUs & CTIs for filling the Employees Master Data (EMD) and other forms. Most of the Zones, PUs & CTIs have sent the details to Board. NIC e-mail ID to officers will be issued once the data received is approved by the EIVID Managers of the respective Zones/PUs/CTIs etc. Other formalities like issuing of DSC and launching of SPARROW are also under process separately. Besides, training of staff/officers is also scheduled from April 2017.

3.It is advised that the online writing of APARs through SPARROW will be done in a phased manner after imparting necessary training to the officers. New format of APARs is also being uploaded on the REIS website shortly which may be used for writing of APARs after 1st April 2017. However, APARs for the 2016-17 initiated till now in the old format on account of retirement, deputation etc. will continue to be

4.In view of the above, writing of APARs through SPARROW for the year 2016- 17 may be started after the above formalities are over and in the meantime, if there is any exigency like the respective authorities writing APARs retiring, proceeding on deputation etc. in the next 2-3 months say upto June 2017, such APARs may be filled in the manual mode.

(R. K. Verma)

Secretary, Railway Board

Railway Board letter No. 2017/SCC/03/06 dated 24.03.2017

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