7th Pay Commission MACP and Pay fixation related issues – Meeting with Railway Board

MACP in promotional hierarchy

7th Pay Commission MACP and Pay fixation related issues – Outcome of NFIR discussions on important subjects with Railway Board on 20th June 2017.

7th Pay Commission MACP and Pay fixation related issues – NFIR, General Secretary briefs discussions with Railway Board


National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi 110055

No. IV/MACPS/09/Part 10

No. IV/NFIR/7CPC (Imp)/R.B.20166/Part I

Dated : 20/06/2017

The General Secretaries of
Affiliated Unions of NFIR


Sub: Important subjects discussed with Railway Board (AM/Staff) this date (20th June 2017) – reg.


(i) MACPS ‘Very Good’ Benchmarking should be scrapped:

After discussion, it was agreed to send a cogent communication about the Railway employees working system for exempting Railways from the revised ‘Very Good’ benchmarking. In this context, NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/7 CPC (Imp)/2016/DoP&T dated 23/08/2016 addressed to Cabinet Secretary and letter No. IV/MACPS/09/Part 10 dated 09/01/2017 addressed to Railway Board may be connected.

(ii) 7th CPC Pay Matrices and Option for Pay Fixation for those who were granted increment on 1st July or those promoted in between 01/01/2016 and the date of notification:

The Railway Board have clarified that instructions already exist for granting option NFIR, however, pointed out that on several Zones, the Option opportunity has been denied as the Zonal Railways as well as Divisions have not understood the provisions contained in Board’s instructions and demanded that illustrations be issued by the Railway Board through clarificatory instructions.

After discussion it was agreed to.

Yours fraternally,


General Secretary
Source : NFIR