Option for pay fixation in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix level to the Railway employees

Option for pay fixation in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix level to the Railway employees promoted during the period 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016

Railway Board Circular regarding Option for pay fixation in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix level to the Railway employees





New Delhi,dated: 31.03.2017


The General Secretary,

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 56

Sub: Option for pay fixation in the 7th CPC Pay Matrix level to the Railway employees promoted during the period 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016.

Please refer to your letter No. IV/NFIR/7th CPC(Imp)/2016/R.B./Part I dated 06.01.2017, wherein it has been demanded that opportunity for revision of option for those staff promoted after the date of notification of RS(RP) Rules, 2016 (i.e 28.07.2016) and also for those staff promoted between 01.01.2016 and 31.12.2016 to switch over o 7th CPC Pay Matrix from the date subsequent to date of Railway Board’s notification be provided.

2. In this context it is stated that option for switching over to 7th CPC has been circulated and clearly specified under Rule 5 of RS(RP) Rules, 2016. Further, instructions for exercising the ,revised option in respect of officials who had got promotion/financial upgradation and had already exercised the option between the date of effect of recommendation (01.01.2016) and date of promulgation of RS(RP) Rules, 2016 (28.07.2016) has also been issued vide Board’s letter RBE No 124/2016 dated 20.10.20,16.1t, has already been notified under Rule 5 of RS(RP) Rules and further in the option form circulated along with RS(RP) Rules that the employee can elect to continue on Pay Band and Grade Pay of his substantive/officiating post until the date of his next increment at any subsequent increment raising he pay to particular limit or from the date of his promotion/upgradation.

3.Form the above, it can be appreciated that employee can continue such time, till promotion or vacation of the post and no cut off date (like 31.12.2016 mentioned in the reference) has been specified. However, the option exercised is final and one time dispensation has been extended to those promoted between 01.01.2016 and 28.07.2016 can not be extended in other cases. Decision on permitting further revision of option once taken can not be taken unilaterally by Ministry of Railways alone and needs to be taken by Ministry of Finance as it is a general policy matter pertaining to all Government employees.

For Secretary,Railway Board


Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya) 

(Railway Board)

S.No. 6/PC-VII

File No. PC-VII/2016/1/6/2   

RBE No.:124 /2016

New Delhi, dated: 20.10.2016

The General Manager/CAOs(R),

All India Railways & Production Units,

(As per mailing list)

Sub: – Fixation of pay and grant of increment in the revised pay structure — clarifications – regarding.

Following the notification of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016, Railway Board has received references seeking clarifications regarding various aspects of fixation of pay in the revised pay structure as also pay fixation and grant of increment in future under revised pay structure. These matters have been considered by Ministry of Finance and the points of doubts are clarified as under:-

Point of doubt Clarification
1. As per the provisions of FR 22 (I)(a)(1), the Government Servants (other than those appointed on deputation to ex- cadre post or ad-hoc basis or on direct recruitment basis) have the option, to be exercised within one month from the date of promotion, to have the pay fixed under this rule from the date of such promotion/appointment or from the date of next increment.

Some    of  the  employees,  promoted between  01.01.2016   and the date of
notification of RS(RP) Rules, 2016 had
opted for their pay fixation on promotion/financial up-gradation under MACPS from the date of their next increment in the lower grade. Consequent upon notification of RS(RP) Rules, 2016 i.e. 28th July, 2016, the option submitted by such employees has now turned out to be disadvantageous.

Whether such employee may be allowed to revise their option under FR 22 (l)(a)(1) at this stage.

Under the changed circumstances after notification of RS(RP) Rules, 2016, the employee   may   be  allowed to exercise   revised     option   for fixation   of     pay  under    FR 22(I)(a)(1). Such   revised  option shall    be  exercised  within   one month   of  issue    of   this  letter. Option so revised shall be final.
  Whether employees appointed/ promoted/granted financial upgradation during 02.01.2015 and 01.07.2015 will be entitled to grant of one increment 01.01.2016 Since, the provisions of RS(RP) Rules, 2016 are effective from 01.01.2016, no increment Shall be allowed on 01.01.2016 at the time of fixation of pay in the revised pay structure.

(Jaya Kumar G)

Deputy Director, Pay Commission-VII

Railway Board

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