SPARSH for Defence Civilian Pensioners – MES Order dated 27.07.2023

SPARSH for Defence Civilian Pensioners

SPARSH for Defence Civilian Pensioners – Procedure be adopted before submitting the pension/gratuity claim in duplicate: MES Order dated 27.07.2023

Central Record Office (Officers)
c/o 56 APO


27 Jul 2023

E-in-C’s Branch (E1B Section)
Kashmir House, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi

ADG (NEI) Guwahati
ADG (D&C) Kirkeee, Pune
ADG (N) Jammu (J&K)
ADG (Project) Chennai |
HQ Chief Engineer(s)
Southern Command, PIN -908541
Eastern Command, PIN -908542
Western Command, PIN-908543
Central Command, PIN-908544
Northern Command, PIN-908545
South Western Command, PIN-908546


1. Further to this office letter No CRO4/15/SPARSH/139/Coord dt 06 Jun 2022.

2. Followings procedure be adopted before submitting the pension/gratuity claim in duplicate:-

(a) Descriptive roll is not required as details of PAN/Aadhar of Offr and spouse is sufficient documents for their verification/authentication and the same are being used nowadays.

(b) LPC/Data sheet is not required to be fwd and to be treated as null and void. In lieu, Annexure-I showing Pay details of last 10 months is reqd duly signed by the competent officer. Format of Annexure-I is enclosed.

(c) The application for pensioner’s Identity Card may be fwd along with pension paper.

3. In view of the above CEs Command/ ADGs are requested to issue the instructions to all the formations under their AOR accordingly.

Encl: 1 Sheet

(Jai Prakash,IDSE)
CRO (Officers)



1. MES No :
2. GPF A/c No :
3. Name :
4. Last Unit served :
5. Rank/Grade :
6. Date of Retirement/Death :
7. Rate of Pay and allowances drawn last 10 months

Ser Rank/Grade From To Basic Pay Remarks
8. Reason and details if the pension to be fixed different than actual pay drawn.  :

Name of offr:

Source: MES

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