Simplification of Procedure for Payment of Family Pension

Simplification of Procedure for Payment of Family Pension to Permanently Disabled Children/Siblings and Dependent Parents

The current Pension Rules provide that after the death of pensioner and his/her spouse a fresh Pension Payment Order would be issued for children and dependent parents for grant of family pension to them. Difficulties were being faced by disabled children/siblings and old parents in getting the family pension sanctioned after the death of the employee/pensioner.

The Government has therefore decided that an employee/pensioner/family pensioner may at anytime make a request to the Appointing Authority for advance approval to the grant of family pension for life to a permanently disabled child/sibling or dependent parents. On the basis of this approval, authorisation shall be made in the original Pension Payment Order (PPO) at the time of retirement or by issuing a revised authority. The permanently disabled child/sibling/ dependent parents will receive family pension at the appropriate time, i.e., after the death of employee/pensioner and/or after the death/ineligibility of any other member in the family who was eligible to receive family pension prior to the disabled child/sibling/dependent parents.

Where there are other eligible prior claimants to family pension, the names of disabled child/children/dependent parents/permanently disabled sibling will be added to the PPO issued to the preceding eligible family pensioner. Family pension to these permanently disabled child/children/siblings/dependent parents will be payable after the death/ineligibility of the prior claimant, as the case maybe.

Detailed instructions are available in OM No. 1/27/2011-P&PW(E), dated July 01, 2013 at the website of Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare

Download / Read the OM No. 1/27/2011-P&PW(E), dated 01.07.2013 issued by Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare relating to this simplication of Procedure on payment of family pension

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