Prevention of frauds in Pension payments – EPFO

Prevention of frauds in Pension payments - EPFO

Prevention of frauds in the process of Pension payments to pensioners in the field offices – EPFO

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation
Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India
Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi – 110066

No. Pen.II/14/Bkg.Arg/2018/11660

Date: 04 DEC 2018


All Additional Central P.F. Commissioner (Zonal Offices),
All Regional P.F. Commissioner (In-charges of Regional Offices).

Sub: Prevention of frauds in Pension payments ~ regarding.

Sir/ Madam,

This is with reference to occurrence of frauds and its prevention in the process of payment of pension to pensioners in the field offices. It is suggested to take the actions as detailed below:

(i) Rotation policy of staff may be followed. The maximum tenure of three years may be followed in all Regional Offices without any exceptions. Records of charge allocation including deputing special messengers’ along with CD/BRS to the bank should be maintained and periodically verified by officer In-charge concerned.

(ii) Credit statement of uploaded data is being provided by the bank to the concerned EPFO office for reconciliation within a day. PPO wise reconciliation may be done by the system itself. The activity of reconciliation may be carried out under the supervision of RPFC induding credit in EPFO’s A/c No. 10 of undisbursed account.

(iii) All monthly/weekly pension payments to be validated from system (master-record of BRS) before finalizing disbursement scrolls. This will eliminate any chance of fraudulent pension payment at source (pension payment pension sanctioned).

Apart from the above actions the officer In-charge concerned should adopt all other measures as deems fit for prevention of fraud in pension payment.

The matter may be accorded priority.

Yours faithfully,

Additional Central P.F. Commissioner (Pension)

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