7th Pay Commission Pension Revision – 9.5 Lakh Pre-2016 Pension cases yet to be revised

Pension to Ex-servicemen and Army Personnel: Rajya Sabha QA

7th CPC Revision of Pension: Revision of about 9.5 lakhs Pre-2016 pension cases and 16000 post-2016 cases are due – Pilot run of e-Revision Utility of CPAO

CPAO OM on Pre-2016 Pension cases yet to be revised






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CPAO/IT & Tech/Revision/ 7th CPC/2016-17/19.VOL-III/207


Office Memorandum

Subject: Pilot run of e-Revision Utility of CPAO for 7th Central Pay Commission Revision of Pension.

Revision of about 9.5 lakhs Pre-2016 pension cases & 16000 post-2016 cases have become due as per recommendations of 7th CPC. As per instructions of DP&PW dated 4/08/2016, pension cases of Pre-2016 pensioners have been revised by the banks by applying the multiplication factor of 2.57. However, pension of post-2016 pensioners needs to be revised by concerned PAOs. At present, these cases are being revised through COMPACT and physical authorities are sent to CPAO for authorization of pension. As COMPACT does not provide the facility of sending online Revision Authorities under the digital signatures of concerned PAOs to CPAO, CPAO has to wait for physical Revision Authorities for the validation of PAOs’ signature and special seal. Due to this, the process of pension revision becomes time consuming which ultimately slows down the whole process of revision. To overcome this problem, CPAO has developed online e-revision utility to take care of 7th CPC Pension Revision with the facility of sending digitally signed Revision Authority under the digital signatures of PAOs to CPAO.

2. It has been decided to start the pilot run of new utility in 8 PAOs i.e. PAD, CRPF, New Delhi, PAO, CISF, New Delhi and PAO, BSF New Delhi of MHA; PAO, NDIZ and PAO , Food Zone of UD; PAO, CWC in Water Recourses; Pr. AO/PAO , New Delhi in External Affairs and ZAD, CBDT New Delhi in CBDT. These PAOs are first required to register their digital signatures in PFMS (if not already registered) in order to process and send the revised authority to CPAO. e- Revision utility may be accessed on CPAO’s website at Step by Step process flow for processing of revision cases in the new utility may be downloaded from CPAOs website at http://cpao.nic.in/pdf/Steps-e-revision-six-to-seven. pdf

3. In view of the above, you are requested to instruct your PAOs selected for pilot run to use new utility of CPAO for revision of Post- 2016 pension cases w.e.f. 1st January, 2017 and extend full support to make the trial/pilot successful. In case of any difficulty in use of this utility Sh. Davinder Kumar, Technical Director, [SIC, CPAO may be contacted on Telephone No. 011 26715338 or through email — [email protected].

Subhash Chandra

Controller of Accounts

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