Pension of Ex-Govt employees to be net of Income Tax

Enhancement of old age pension from the first day of 80th year: Gauhati HC Judgement

Bharat Pensioners Samaj writes to Finance Minister- Pension of Ex-Govt employees to be net of Income Tax

Pension of Ex-Govt employees to be net of Income Tax

No BPS/ SG/pension/I.Tax/018/1

Dated: 23.11.2018


The Arun jaitley ji
Honorable Cabinet Minister for Finance
Government of India

Subject: Pension of ex-Govt employees to be net of Income Tax


With passage of time, the purchase value of pension due to steep rise in the cost of food items, caregivers and medical facilities etc gets substantially reduced. Due to inflation coupled with low interest rates value of their deposits in Banks/Post offices etc too go on reducing year by year adversely affecting the net-worth of Pensioners. Thus compelling them to compromise their standard of dignified living.

As was worked out & recommended by TECS (Tata Economic Consultancy Services) consultant to Vth CPC (Para 127.9 Vol III 5th CPC report) Pension need to be 67% of the last drawn to enable a pensioner to live with the same standard to which he was living while in service (Supreme Court pronouncement in DS Nakara vs UOI) but only 50% of last drawn is being paid. Old age relief given to Sr citizen in Income tax is too little to compensate.

You are therefore, requested to reconsider & accept the recommendation of Vth CPC vide their 167.11(copy attached) in this regard and spare the pension/family pension along with DR & FMA from the levy of income-tax.

Further to compensate fall in purchase value of their savings in deposits with banks & post offices rate of interests for senior citizens on their deposits should be 2% above the normal rate of interests as against the existing 0.25% to 0.50%.

Hoping for your sympathetic consideration

Thanking you in anticipation

With Regards
Sincerely yours,
Secy Genl Bharat Pensioners Samaj

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