Migration of Old Data into SPARSH – PCDA(P) Clarification

Migration of Old Data into SPARSH – PCDA(P) Clarification

Migration of Old Data into SPARSH – PCDA(P) Clarification regarding creation of User ID/password and difficulty in login


1. We have received certain grievances in last few days wherein a message has been received by pensioners from SPARSH. The message talks about generation of pensioner ID and corr PPO against original PPO and pensioners have been asked to login to SPARSH after 24 hr of receipt of the message.

2. However, pensioners have not been provided any login credentials for SPARSH. This has led to unrest and anxiety amongst the affected pensioners. The matter has been referred to SPARSH team at PCDA(P), Allahabad.

3. There could be a technical issue due to which such messages have got triggered. SPARSH team is examining it and is likely to be corrected shortly. It may otherwise be noted that consequent to receipt of migration of pension acct message, the SPARSH login credentials would be generated in due course of time. Pension of Veterans will continue and will not get affected by this. The same has been clarified by PCDA(P), Allahabad.

4. It is for your information that few mandatory data i.e. mobile no, e-mail, Aadhar and PAN of offrs and spouse are directly taken from concerned bank of retirees by PCDA (P), Allahabad at the time of migration to SPARSH. User ID and password are sent to veterans through SMS/e-mail by PCDA (P), Allahabad only after generation of SPARSH PPO.

5. However, after Login, if a pensioner finds that any of above details are not there in SPARSH after migration, he can approach bank to send those details to SPARSH Cell, PCDA(P), Allahabad on email sparsharmyco.dad[at]gov.in with copy to DPCC on e-mail liaison.1986[at]gov.in.

6. During the process of migration/partial migration, password and Login ID will not be issued by PCDA(P), Allahabad and password and login ID, if issued during partial migration, it will be functional only after full migration.

7. For further queries, please contact at :-

(a) 18001805325
(b) TCS on 011-20893782/83/84/85


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