Format of Pensioner Life Certificate Changed – CPAO Order

Format of Pensioner Life Certificate Changed – CPAO Order – Address and telephone number in Life Certificates to be collected by Banks and CPAO

Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure

Central Pension Accounting Office

Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Coma Place

New Delhi — 110 066

CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2014-15/670-711



Sub: Submission of Life Certificate in the month of November, 2014

Attention is invited to this Office OM No. CPAO/Tech/Pre-2006/Revision/2011-12/191 dated 23rd October, 2012 circulating therewith a copy of CPAO’s’ advertisement in English released in the leading national and regional dailies on 21st October, 2012 regarding obtaining of life certificate in the revised format by the authorized banks from the Central Civil pensioner/ family pensioner in November every year.

It was’ also advised that the information on the current address and telephone number collected from the Life Certificates is to be updated on the banks master data with the CPPC and the updated master data is required to be sent to CPAO not later than the last week of December every year.

Since the pensioners/family pensioners would start approaching the banks for life certificate from 1st of November, it is reiterated that all Pension Account Holding Branches must be sensitized to ensure the receipt of Life Certificate in the revised format (copy enclosed).

The updated master data must reach CPAO not later than the last week of December, 2014. The modified format of Life Certificate is also available on CPAO’s website at the link “Forms-For Pensioners” appearing on the left pane of Home Page.

(Vijay Singh)

Sr.Accounts Officer(Tech)
Download CPAO Office Memorandum CPAO/Tech/Life Certificate/2014-15/670-711 dated 31.10.2014 along with Life Certificate FORMAT

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