Enhancement of amount of Ex-gratia payable to pre-1986 CPF retirees

Enhancement of amount of Ex-gratia payable to pre-1986 CPF retirees and dependent family members of the deceased pre-1986 CPF employees

No.1/10/2012-P&PW (E)

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)
3″1 Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi 03
Dated: 27th/28th June, 2013

Sub: Enhancement of amount of Ex-gratia payable to pre-1986 CPF retirees and dependent family members of the deceased pre-1986 CPF employees — regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM No.45/52/97- P&PW(E), dated 16thDecember, 1997 sanctioning monthly payment of an amount of Rs.600/- as ex-gratia, to CPF beneficiaries who had retired from service prior to 1.1.1986. This amount was payable w.e.f. 01.11.1997. Similarly, monthly ex-gratia being paid to the widows and dependent children of the deceased CPF beneficiaries who had retired from service prior to 1.1.1986 and the widows and dependent children of the CPF beneficiaries who died while in service prior to 1.1.1986 had been revised from Rs.150/- to Rs.605.
2. Reference is also invited to this Department’s O.M. No.42/2/2004-P&PW (G), dated 15th March, 2004. In terms of this O.M., dearness relief equal to 50% of the above amounts of ex-gratia had been converted into dearness ex-gratia w.e.f. 1st April, 2004. Consequently, dearness relief, as announced from time to time is being paid, on the sum of the amounts of ex-gratia and dearness ex-gratia.
3. This Department has since been receiving representations from the CPF retirees who are in receipt of ex-gratia in terms of the above instructions, to enhance the amount of ex-gratia. The matter has now been considered and the President is pleased to enhance the existing amount of ex-gratia of Rs. 600/- p.m. being paid to the surviving CPF retirees and the amount of ex-gratia of Rs. 605/- p.m. being paid to dependent members of the families, i.e., widows and dependent children of deceased beneficiaries at the following rates w.e.f. 4th June, 2013:


S.No. Group of Service to which CPF retirees belonged at the time of retirement Enhanced amount of basic monthly ex-gratia
1 Group ‘A Service Rs. 3000/-
2 Group ‘B’ Service Rs. 1000/-
3 Group ‘C’ Service Rs. 750/-
4 Group ‘D’ Service Rs. 650/-
5 Widows and dependent children of the deceased CPF beneficiary Rs. 645/-


4. Dearness ex-gratia equal to 50% of the enhanced amount of ex-gratia and Dearness Relief, as notified from time to time, on the sums of enhanced amounts of ex­gratia and dearness ex-gratia shall also be admissible to them.
5. The terms and conditions for grant of ex-gratia and dearness relief will continue to be governed by this Department’s O.M. No.4/1/87-P1C, dated 13’h June, 1988 and O.M. No.45/52/97-P&PW (E), dated 16th December, 1997 and subsequent Office Memorandums issued in this regard.

6. As laid down in the Ministry of Finance O.M. dated 28.11.1969, the ex-gratia payment is not admissible to (a) those who were dismissed/removed from service and (b) those who resigned from service.

7. It shall be the responsibility of the Head of the Department of the Ministry, Department, Office, etc. from which the CPF beneficiary had retired or where he was working prior to his demise to revise the ex-gratia with effect from 4′ June, 2013 and to issue revised Ex-gratia Payment Order (EPOs). Action to revise ex-gratia in terms of these provisions shall be initiated by the concerned Heads of Departments. In the case of the Defence Civilian Employees, however, the procedure prescribed in this regard by the Ministry of Defence shall be followed. It is emphasised that the Sanctioning Authority, in no case, will ask the beneficiary to surrender his/her original Ex-gratia Payment Order (EPO) for issuing revised authority.


8. The CPF beneficiaries may send applications to the Head of Office and/or Disbursing Authority concerned for revision of ex-gratia amount indicating the EPO details and the office from which he/she retired/last served. The Disbursing Authority shall intimate the details of the beneficiaries to the Central Pension Accounting Office and the Pay & Accounts Offices concerned in the proforma enclosed as Annex-ure to this O.M.
9. The periodical certificates such as life certificate, non- employment certificate etc. prescribed for drawal of pension will also be required to be submitted by the recipient of the ex-gratia payment to the appropriate disbursing authorities for drawal of ex-gratia.
10. These orders apply to all civilian Central Government employees covered under Contributory Provident Fund scheme retired/died before 1986, including civilians paid from Defence Service Estimates hut will not apply to Railway Employees. Separate orders will be issued by the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) for revision of ex-gratia payable to the dependent members of families ofeligible employees covered under the State Railways Provident Fund (Contributory).
11. In their application to the persons belonging to Indian Audit and Accounts Department these orders issue in consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor
(Sujasha Choudhury)
Deputy Secretary

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