Action taken report on 27th SCOVA Meeting

Dispensing with the requirement of BSR code of Bank from the pension claim forms

Action Taken Report on the minutes of the 27th SCOVA meeting held on 13.10.2015 and Fresh Agenda Items to be discussed in 28th SCOVA meeting.

27th SCOVA Meeting detailed minutes of Meeting


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, P.G and Pensions

Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare’



All the Pensioners Association included in SCOVA vide Resolution dated 25.08.2015

Subject:- Action Taken Report on the minutes of the 27th SCOVA meeting held on 13.10.2015 and Fresh Agenda Items to be discussed in 28th SCOVA meeting.

Please find enclosed herewith copies of ATR on the decision of the 27th SCOVA meeting held on 13.10.2015 and a list of Fresh Agenda Items to be discussed in the 28th SCOVA meeting to be held on 27.06.2016 under the Chairmanship of  Hon’ble MOS(PP).

(Charanjit Taneja)

Under Secretary to the Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

(Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)


Action Taken Report on the SCOVA Meeting held on 13.10.2015 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP)

SI. No Issues raised in 27th SCOVA
Gist of Decision Taken in the
27th SCOVA meeting
Follow up Action
1. Para 5(i) of
Revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners 07.10.2015 Ill this connection.
CPAO intimated that as on date 9697 PPOs are yet to be revised. CGA took a meeting on 07.10.2015 in this connection.  CPAO has been mapping the pendency location wise.















One of the associations expressed their reservations about the ‘Nil’ pendency shown in the ATR by Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare. However, the association expressed its inability to provide the details of pending PPOs as the association did not maintain data 111 this regard. Secretary(Pension) directed that representatives of CG DA, Department or Financial Services and Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare be asked to present in the meeting scheduled to be held on 27.10.2015 for
revision of pension.

One of the Railway pensioners’ association suggested that perception for non-revision of PPO are being sent at the addresses where pensioners no longer reside. The association suggested that the revised PPO be sent to pension disbursing bank who can send it to the pensioners.

Department of Telecom informed that the remaining PPOs pertain to BSNL about which they do not have sufficient information. Now, they are taking help from Banks to get that information to reach out to remaining pensioners.

Jt. Secretary (Pension) requested all the Ministries/Departments to issue revised authorities for all pending cases before the next SCOVA meeting so that this item could be closed finally.

(Action:- CPAO, Department of Posts, Department of Telecom, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Railways and Department of Financial Services)

Status of Revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners is as under:-

Mins/ Deptt Total No. of Cases  Revised Authority issued by
PPOs yet to be revised



4,31, 123


4,26, 178



Defence 16.71 lakh 16.71 lakh Nil
Railways 9,84260 9,84,260 Nil
Telecom 53, 126 52,898 228


1,59,675 1,59,675 Nil


To facilitate settlement of pending cases, meetings are being organized regularly by CPAOs with concerned Ministries/Departments/PAOs. In most of the cases details of pensioners are not available with Ministries/ Departments/ PAOs. Banks are paying pension to these pensioners under KYC norms. Banks CPPCs have been repeatedly requested to provide details of such pensioners to CPAO. The matter has also been taken up with Department of Financial Services.


Ministry of Defence

CGDA informed that meetings were held with Air Force Pensioners Associations. The list of unrevised PPOs given by them had been looked into and the unrevised PPOs have been revised.

Ministry of Railways

Ministry of Railways has reported Nil pendency.

Department of Telecom

Department of Telecom has intimated that 228 cases are pending.

Department of Posts

Department or Posts has reported ‘Nil’ pendency

Para 5(ii) of


Health Insurance Scheme for pensioners including those residing in non-CGHS area.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that after consultation with the concerned Departments such as NITI Ayog, Department of Expenditure,
been prepared. An EFC Memo in this regard would be circulated to the concerned Department shortly.One of the Associations suggested that the Medical Insurance Scheme may be extended to CG HS beneficiaries also, so that they could get medical benefits under Insurance Scheme over and above the reimbursement under CGHS.

(Action: Ministry of Health and
Family Welfare)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare/DoPPW

Draft EFC Memo was circulated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 08.02.2016. Comments of DoPPW were sent to Ministry of Health and Family Department of Financial Services Welfare on 26.02.2016. Further comments have been and the Insurance Companies, a sent by DoPPW vide OM dated 30.05.2016 on the scheme for Health Insurance for observations made by Ministry of Health and Family employees and pensioners has Welfare on 02.05.2016.

Final EFC Note will be circulated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare once the comments/approval of al I the concerned Ministries/Departments is received.

Para 5(ii) of Minutes:-

Special ‘higher’ Family Pension for the widows of disabled pensioners who have invalided out of service.

It was clarified by the Association that the matter pertained only to
widows of disabled war veterans who have been invalided out of service and not to widows of the others disabled pensioners. It was decided that Department of Ex- Servicemen Welfare will have a relook and take a decision at an appropriate level in consultation with CGDA at the earliest.(Action: Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare and CGDA)


Ministry of Defence

The proposal was examined by Ministry of Defence in consultation with Department of Expenditure. The latter did not agree to the same.

4. Para 5(iv) of Minutes :-

Extension of CGHS facilities to P&T Pensioners

One of the Pensioners’ Association stated that with the dismissal of the SLPs by the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 22-8-2014, the issue has attained finality, and therefore withdrawal of OMs dated 1.8.96 and 05.06.98 must be expedited to pave the way for extension of CGHS facility to P&T Pensioners. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Department of Expenditure

7th CPC has recommended that ‘all Postal Pensioners should be covered under CGHS.  Department of Expenditure has advised Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to link the issue with processing of Report of 7th CPC and await the decision on the same.

5. Para 5(v) of Minutes:-

Anomaly in fixation of pension to DoT employees absorbed in BSNL, who retired between 01.10.2000 and

It was informed that a proposal was sent to DOT to DoPPW on 24.04.2015 and a formulation was suggested by DoPPW on 26.06.2015.The case was
thereafter referred by DOT to Department of expenditure. Department of Expenditure sought some clarification/information on 17.09.2015 which are being obtained by DoT from concerned Department/Agencies. DoT was asked to finalise their proposal by 31.10.2015.(Action : Department of Telecom and DoPPW)

Based on some queries of Department of Expenditure, Department of Telecom sought further clarification. This was furnished to Department of Telecom on
11.12.2015. No further response has been received from DoT despite reminders dated 18.02.2016,29.04.2016 and 26.05.2016.

7. Para 5(vii) of Minutes:- Department of Expenditure informed that they are examining the matter and a response would be sent to DoPPW in a week’s time.

(Action Department of
Telecom and DoPPW)

Department of Expenditure has not agreed to the proposal.
8. Extension of benefit of OM dated 28.01.2013 w.e.f 01.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012 (revision of disability pension under EOP Rules) It was informed that orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s have been complied with vide DoPPW OM No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 30.07.2015.  It was informed that the proposal for revision of disability pension under EOP Rules has been referred to Ministry of Finance separately, as the formula for disability pension is different from that of normal pension.

(Action: D/o P&PW)


In this regard DoPPW has issued OM No. 45/3/2008-P&PW(F) dated 29.04.2016 which gives the benefit dated 30.07.2015. It was w.e.f 01.01.2016 corresponding to OM dated informed that the proposal for 30.07.2015 issued in the case of ordinary pensioners. revision of disability pension The file for further bas been corresponding to the OM dated 06.04.2016 (issued in the case of ordinary pensioners) has been referred to Department of Expenditure on 30.05.2016.

9 Para 5(x) of Minutes:-

Issues relating to CGHS:-

(A) Opening of CGHS Dispensary in Srinagar.

(B) Provision of additional doctors at CGHS Wellness Centre Jammu and
computerization of Jammu Wellness Centre.


Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that the request for opening of dispensary in Srinagar has been regretted as the CGHS resources are fully committed as of now.  Secretary(Pension) stated that he
would take up the matter again with Secretary(Health).Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that there are 2 doctors posted at CGHS Wellness Centre, Jammu, one on deputation from J&K Health Department and other is a retiree from J&K Health Department. Regarding computerization of Wellness Centre at Jammu, the payment has been made to BSNL for installing 4 Mbps lease line and approval has been conveyed to start CGHS application in Jammu using their existing Broad Band connectivity.
(Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

  • In the review meeting held on 26.02.2016, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that P&T dispensary at Jammu has been merged with CGHS dispensary and the erstwhile P&T dispensary is lying inoperative. It was suggested to Ministry of
    Health and Family Welfare to consider the shifting of non-operational dispensary of Jammu to Srinagar. Ministry of Health and Welfare on 22.06.2016 informed that the proposal for opening of a Wellness Centre at Srinagar is under submission.
  • 2 doctors have already been posted at Jammu Wellness Centre and the computerization of Jammu Wellness Centre has been completed.
10 Para 5(xi) of
Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees-Issue of follow up orders by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and fixation of rates of contribution and ward entitlement by
Department of Telecom.
The Department of Telecom informed that the matter was being examined and a proposal in this regard is being submitted for approval of competent authority to take up the case further with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Department of Telecom was asked to finalise their proposal quickly and send it to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by 31.10.2015.

(Action:- Department of Telecom and Ministry of Health & FW)

Department of Telecom

Department of Telecom furnished the requisite information regarding criteria to be followed in drawing CDA/IDA pension for deciding contribution and ward entitlement to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 18.11.2015.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

In this regard, a meeting was held with Department of Telecom (DOT) and it was decided that DOT will mention the equivalent Basic Pay and Grade Pay as per Central Dearness Allowance(CDA) Scale also corresponding to Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) Scale, in the PPO issued to pensioners getting pension from Central Civil Estimates. This will enable CGHS in deciding rate of contributions and ward entitlement for issuance of CGHS cards to the eligible BSNL/MTNL pensioners

11. SI. No (27.2) :-

Extension of the benefits of DoPPW OM No. 38/37/08- P&PW(A) dated
28.01.2013 read with
OM date 30.07.2015 to pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years of service.

It was informed that the matter was under examination in the wake of orders dated 26.08.2015 of Hon’ble Supreme Court in a Review Petition filed by the Government in the case of M.O.Inasu.

(Action : DoPPW)


The orders have been issued by DoPPW vide OM No. 38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 06.04.2016.

12. SI. No (27.3) :-

Opening/ Extension/ Repair of Dispensaries at following stations

(a) Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali

(b) Ambarnath

Considering the number of CGHS card holders in Chandigarh, which is much more than the prescribed norms, Ministry of Health & Family
Welfare agreed that they would re-examine the case for additional dispensary/staff at Chandigarh.The renovation work for CGH Wellness Centre in Arnbarnath, Maharashtra, is in progress since April, 2015.

(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

In the review meeting on 26.02.2016, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare informed that they are examining the proposed of opening of CGHS
dispensary at Chandigarh/Mohali i/Panchkula. The response of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is awaited.

(b) In case of Ambarnath, the renovation work of CGHS wellness center is in progress and is likely to be completed in 3 months.

13. SL.No (27.4):- Issues relating to CGHS Dispensary
at Dehradun,
(a) Regular appointment of Grp C& D staff.

(b) Opening of Ayurvedic/Homeopathic and Sidda Dispensary.

(c) Delegation
of power of
Additional Director, Dehradun to for sanctioning Medical Reimbursement Claims
sanction Medical Reimbursement

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare representative intimated the following:


(a) The process to appoint regular staff has now been initiated.

(b) There are only 85 AYUSH dispensaries in CGHS. The feasibility of opening one at Dehradun would be examined.

(c) There is no post of Regional Director under CGHS, even at Chandigarh. However, there is post of Additional Director, CGHS at Dehradun and has been filled up by a regular incumbent. The question of delegating powers for sanctioning Medical Reimbursement claims to Addl. Director, Dehradun would be examined.

(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Regarding issues related to CGHS Dispensary, Dehradun, following action has been taken:-

(a) The process of appointment of regular staff has been initiated.

(b) The proposal was not agreed to due to resource constraints.

(c) The powers of ODO has been delegated to Addl Director, Dehradun vide order dared 30.12.2015.

14. SI.No. (27.5):-

Supreme Court
Judgement in CA No. 11527 of 2014
(Arising out of SLP No:- 11684 of 2012) regarding recovery of wrongful/excess payment from employees/pensioners.

DoPT informed that there are legal and financial aspects involved and the matter is being examined.  DoPT was advised to expedite the decision in this respect.

(Action: DoPT/DoPPW)


In this regard, the orders have been issued by DoPT vide its OM No. 18/03/2015-Estt.(pay-l) dated 02.03.2016.


Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

(Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare)


S.No Fresh Agenda Items
(28.1) One time option to CGHS Beneficiaries to choose their ward entitlement based on their
Pay in Pay band.
Prior to revision of the rates of subscription and entitlement of wards under CGHS with effect from 1st June 2009,vide MoH&FW O.M.No.S-11011/2/2008-CGHS(P)dated 20/5/2009, Pensioners had an option to choose payment of CGHS Contribution/ward entitlement based either on last pay drawn or their pension. Pensioners who had opted for payment of subscription based on their pension got lower entitlement of ward than the entitlement based on their last basic pay. Consequent upon implementation of revised pay bands under 6th CPC, the rate of CGHS subscription was revised to be based on the grade pay and the ward entitlement on the pay in pay band that the pensioner would have drawn but for retirement. The revised rates were introduced w.e.f 1-6-2009. Pensioners entitled for higher wards based on their notional pay in pay band continue to be eligible for lower ward entitlement since they had opted for determination of their entitlement based on their pension at the time of their retirement/admission to CGHS. It is therefore, requested that a onetime option may be allowed to pre-1-6-2009 pensioners to opt for redetermination of their ward entitlement based on their notional pay in pay band, which would make them eligible for higher wards in Private Hospitals empanelled under CGHS.

(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

(28.2) Issues relating to CGHS Wellness Centre, Dehradun
(A) Posting of two Doctors at CGHS Millan Vihar, Dehradun:-

Posting of two Doctors at CGHS Milan Vihar, Dehradun against the vacancies on account of retirement of one doctor on 30.01.2016 and posting of CMO I/C against the post of Additional Director, CGHS, Dehradun(Addl. Charge).

(B) Appointment of specialist/super specialist i.e. Cardiologist, E.N.T., Eye and Gynecologist for a limited hours two days a week.

(C) Action taken on recommendations of Committee of Official of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and DoPPW which visited Dehradun on 28.08.2014 is not known.

(D) Merger of Survey of India Dispensary m CGHS on the same line as P&T

The Survey of India has two dispensaries with 8 doctors and the average daily beneficiaries are 200. Whereas the CGHS cardholders arc 7917 and total beneficiaries arc 18796. If the Survey of India Dispensary is merged with CGHS, Dehradun, then the service of available doctors could be better utilised.

(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

(28.3) Issues related to CGHS Wellness Centre, Noida

(A) The Computers, printers, water coolers, generator etc. are not in proper workable condition. Also there is no AMC for any item.

(B) The funds for maintenance CGHS Wellness Centre Building are allotted late to CPWD. The maintenance of dispensary starts in October/November whereas the fund are allotted for the whole financial year.

(C) There are vacant posts at every level. It is requested fill these vacant posts soon.

(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)


Conversion of Postal Dispensary at Cantt. Road, Cuttack to CGHS Wellness Centre.

It is been requested to the Ministry to convert present Postal dispensary located at Cantonment Road. Cuttack to CGHS Wellness Centre. Out of 52 such dispensaries only 19 have been merged with CGHS dispensary. The CGHS Wellness Center located in Kharavela Nagar, Bhubaneswar is overflowing with patients belonging to Cuttack (30 kms away). Therefore. conversion of Postal Dispensary situated at Cantonment Road. Cuttack may be prioritized.


(Action:- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

(28.5) Stoppage of Recovery of wrongful /excess payments from Railway pensioners.

In the light of the judgment of the Honb’ble Supreme Court DoPT vide their OM No.18/26/2011-Estt(Pay-I) dated 6th February,2014 advised to the Ministries/Departments to deal with the issue of wrongful/ excess payments on specific guidelines. The N.F.Railway authorities are denying to carry out the said order with the plea of non-availability of any such order from the Railway Board.

(Action: Ministry of Railways)

(28.6) Full pension to pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33 years of servicer-

The minimum pension as ordered in OM F.No. 38/37/08 P&PW(A) dated 28-01-2013 read with the OM of even No. dated 30-07-2015 envisages a proportionate reduction if the service is less than 33 years. This proportionate reduction has been struck down by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and a judicial finality is reached with the decrees in RP(C) No.2565/2015 in SLP(C) No. 6567/2015.But formal OM based on orders of the Supreme Court have not been issued so far. As per the minutes of last SCOV A meeting held on l 3-10-2015 (Item 27. 2), it was under process. But, even after a lapse of 5 months the formal orders are to come.

(Action:- DoPPW)

(28.7) Delay in commencement of family pension to spouse on death of pensioner.

“Joint Account with spouse” system was introduced with a view among other things, to avoid delay in commencement of payment of family pension after the death of pensioner even after having joint account. It has been observed that in most of the cases commencement of payment of family pension takes 4/5 months after submission of death certificate of pension to the bank. Moreover, recovery for excess credit of pension and adjustment of family pension for the intervening period are done by the Banks in a cryptic manner and not in a transparent way. CPAO may be requested to suitably advise the Banks to arrange payment of family pension within a month of submission of death certificate and indicating details of transaction for the intervening period.

(Action:-CPAO, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Railways, Department of Posts, Department of Telecom, Ministry of Defence)

(28.8) Payment of (i) Restoration of commutation amount and (ii) Additional Pension on
attaining the age of 80 years should be streamlined by the Banks:
As a practice the disbursing banks pay these amounts months after submission of claim by the pensioner. It is pointed out that the date of restoration of commuted amount normally indicated in the PPO. In exceptional cases, where it is not mentioned, the same should be restored after 15 years of retirement or date of payment of commutation value.

In respect of payment of additional pension, it depends on the date of birth of the pensioner, which is available in the PPO. In cases of payment of additional pension to family pensioner where the same is not recorded in the PPO, the family pensioner has to submit the documentary evidence in support of date of birth when required.

When required information are available in the PPO, the disbursing Bank should take action suo-rnoto for payment without waiting for the pensioner to apply except in the case or family pensioners as pointed out earlier. Therefore, those payments should be arranged by the Banks as and when due without requiring the pensioners to submit application as is the present practice of the Banks.

(Action:-CPAO, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Railways, Department of
Posts, Department of Telecom, Ministry of Defence)

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