7th CPC Training Allowance – Training Academies & Institutes eligible for 24% of Basic Pay

Dearness Allowance @ 189% from July 2021 to Railway employees  as per 6th CPC

7th CPC Training Allowance – National/Central Training Academies and Institutes for Group ‘A’ Officers eligible for 24% of Basic Pay

No. PC-1(16)/ 2017/ D(Pay/Services)/Pt. II
Government of India
Ministry of Defence

New Delhi, the 28th Nov 2019

Subject: Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Implementation of decision relating to the grant of Training Allowance.


National/Central Training Academies and Institutes for Group ‘A’ Officers eligible for 24% of Basic Pay

SL No. Name of Institute as mentioned in the MoD letter dated 29.02.2000 New Name of Institute (if renamed or merged) Sl. No. as per MoD letter dt. 29 Feb 2000 Remarks
1. National Defence College, New Delhi 1
2. Defence Service Staff College, Wellington 2
3. National Defence Academy; Khadakvasala 3
4. College of Defence Management, Secunderabad 4
l. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun 1
2. Officers Training Academy, Madras Officers Training Academy, Chennai 2 Name of Madras changed by Govt. to Chennai. No change in name of establishment
3. College of Combat, Mhow Army War College (AWC), Mhow 13 Auth : AO 35/ 2002/ GS
4. Army Aviation School, Nasik Road Combat Army Aviation Training School (CAATS), Nasik Road 32 Auth – GS Br letter No A/ 30482/ SD-8 dt 28 May 2003


l. Naval Academy, INS Mandovi, Goa

Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimaia

1 SL No. 6 of Appendix ‘A’ of Navy Order (Spl) 04/14.
2. College of Naval Warfare, Bombay

Naval War College, Goa..

21 Correct name included as per SL No.11 of Appendix ‘A’ to Navy order (Spl) 04/ 14
l. Flying Training Establishments 1
2. Flying Instructors School 2
3. Aircrew Examination Board (AEB) 3
4. Aircraft System Testing Establishment (ASTE) 4
5. Navigational and Signals School (NSS)

Navigation Training School (NTS)


Auth: Air HQ/S 18158/ 648/ Plans dated 05.11.2003

6. Air Force Technical College (AFTC) 6
7. College Of Air Warfare 8
8. Air Defence Cortege 10
9. Hunter Operational Flying Training Unit (20 Sqn ) Sukhoi Operational Flying Training Unit (20 Sqn) 13 Auth: Air HQ/ i8180/ 29/ Plans (PC-I)/05/ US(A)/ D(Air-III)/ 11 dated 01.07.2011
10. Mig Operational Flying Training Unit (MOFTU) Hawks Operational Training Sqn ‘A’ (HOTS ‘A’) 14 Auth :Air H Q/S 18158/RPP/MOFTO’A’/ Plans ( PC-I)/342/ US(A)/ D(Air- I II)/10 dated 26. 08.2010
Hawks Operational Training Sqn ‘ B'(HOTS ‘B’) Auth :Air  HQ/S 18158/RPP/M OFTU ‘B’/ Plans ( PC- I)/341/ US(A) / D(Air- III)/10 elated 26.08.2011
11. Aero Medical Training Centre 25


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