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Revised VDA and Minimum Wages for Agriculture Workers w.e.f 01.04.2021

Revised Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) and Minimum Wages for Agriculture Workers w.e.f 01.04.2021- Labour Bureau Order dated 23.04.2021

File No. 1/16(1)/2021-LS-II
Government of India
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner(C)
New Delhi

Dated 23/4/2021


In exercise of the powers conferred by Central Government vide Notification No . S.O. 186(E) dated 19th January, 2017 of the Ministry of Labour and Employment the undersigned hereby revise the rates of Variable Dearness Allowance for the employees employed in Agriculture w.e.f. 01.04 .2021 on the basis of the average Consumer Price Index for Industrial workers for the month of July, 2020 is 336 and August, 2020 is 338 (Base 2001-100) and (Base Year 2016-100) for the month of September, 2020 is 118.1, October, 2020 is 119.5, November, 2020 is 119.9 and December, 2020 is 118.8 and thereby resulting in an increase of 2.88 points. The revised Variable Dearness Allowance as under shall be payable from 01.04.2021 :-

Category of worker Rates of V. D.A. Area wise per day (in Rupees}
‘A’. ‘B’ ‘C’
Un skilled 78 72 72
Semi- Skilled/ Unskilled Supervisory 85 78 72
Skilled/ Clerical 93 85 78
Highly Skilled 102 95 85


Therefore, the minimum rates of wages including the basic rates and Variable Dearness Allowance payable w.e.f. 01.04.2021 to the employees working in Agriculture shall be as under:-

Category of worker Rates of V. D.A. Area wise per day (in Rupees}
‘A’. ‘B’ ‘C’
Un skilled 333+78=411 303+72=375 300+72=372
Semi-Skilled/ Unskilled Supervisory 364+85=449 335+78=413 307+72=379
Skilled/ Clerical 395+93=488 364+85=449 334+78=412
Highly Skilled 438+102=540 407+95=502 364+85=449


The VDA has been rounded off to the next higher rupee as per the decision of the Minimum Wages Advisory Board.

The classification of workers under different categories will be same as in Part-I of the notification, whereas classification of cities will be same as in the Part- II of the notification dated 19th January, 2017. The present classification of cities into areas A, B C is enclosed at Annexure I for ready reference.

Chief Labour Commissioner(C)



Ahmedabad (UA) Hyderabad (UA) Faridabad complex (M.Corpn)
Bangaluru (UA) Kanpur (UA) Ghaziabad (UA)
Delhi (UA) Chennai (UA) Noida
Greater Mumbai (UA) Nagpur (UA) Secunderabad
Kolkata (UA) Lucknow (UA) Gurgaon (M. Corpn)
Navi Mumbai (UA) Pune (UA)
Agra (UA) Gwalior (UA) Port Blair (UA)
Ajmer (UA) Hubli-Dharwad (M. Corpn) Puducherry (UA)
Aligarh (UA) Indore (UA) Rajpur (UA)
Allahabad (UA) Jabalpur (UA) Raurkela (UA)
Amravati (M.Coron) Jaipur (M.Coron) Raikot (UA)
Amritsar (UA) Jalandhar (UA) Ranchi (UA)
Asansol (UA) Jalandhar-Cantt. (UA) Saharanpur (M.Corpn)
Aurangabad (UA) Jammu (UA) Salem (VA)
Bareilly (UA) Jamnagar (UA) Sangli (UA)
Belgaum (UA) Jamshedpur (UA) Shillong
Bhavnagar (UA) Jhansi (UA) Siliguri (UA)
Bhiwandi (UA) Jodhpur (UA) Solapur (M .Corpn)
Bhopal (UA) Kannur (UA) Srinagar (UA)
Bhubaneshwar (UA) Kochi (UA) Surat (UA)
Bikaner (M.Corpn) Kolhapur (UA) Thiruvananthapuram (UA)
Bokaro Steel City (UA) Kollam (UA) Thrissur (UA)
Chandigarh (UA) Kota (M.Coron) Tiruchirappalli (UA)
Coimbatore (UA) Kozhikode (UA) Tirupur (UA)
Cuttack (UA) Ludhiana (M.Coron) Ujjain (M.Corpn)
Dehradun (UA) Madurai (UA) Vadodara (UA)
Dhanbad (UA) Malappuram (UA) Varanasi (UA)
Durgapur (UA) Malegaon (UA) Vasai- Virar City (M.Corpn)
Durg-Bhilai Nagar (UA) Mangalore (UA) Vijayawada (UA)
Erode (UA) Meerut (UA) Vishakhapatnam (M.Corpn)
Firozabad Moradabad (M. Coron) Warangal (UA)
Goa Mysore (UA)
Gorakhpur (UA) Nanded Waghala (M. Coron)
Greater Visakhapatnam (M.Corpn) Nasik (UA)
Gulbarga (UA) Nellore (UA)
Guntur (UA) Panchkula (UA)
Guwahati (UA) Patna (UA)
Note 1.-Area ‘C’ shall comprise all areas not mentioned in this list but to which the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 ( 11 of 1948) extends.
Note 2.- U.A. means Urban Agglomeration.


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