Overstay on deputation

Referring the previous Office memorandum issued by DOPT in No. 61812009-Estt (Pay-11) dated 01.03.2011, the Government has decided that as per existing instructions no extension in deputation beyond the fifth year is allowed that as per the OM No.1401713012006-Estt (RR) dated the 29th November, 2006, the officer deputed is deemed to have been relieved on the date of expiry of the deputation period unless the competent authority has with requisite approvals, extended the period of deputation, in writing, prior to the date of its expiry, and that despite these clear instructions, proposals for regularization of overstay of officers on deputation beyond the five year period continue to be received in the Department.

It is further reiterated that it will be the responsibility of the immediate superior officer to ensure that the officer deputed does not overstay. In the event of the officer overstaying for any reason whatsoever, he/she is liable to disciplinary action and other adverse Civil/Service consequences which would include the period of unauthorized overstay not being counted for service for the purpose of pension and that any increment due during the period of unauthorized overstay being deferred with cumulative effect, till the date on which the officer rejoins his parent cadre.

Download the Office memorandum No: 61812009-Estt (Pay-11) dated 01.03.2011

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