Need for timely conducting of DPC

Department of Personnel and Training (DOP&T), has stressed the need to hold the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meetings in the prescribed time frame.   

The Ministry has noted that DPCs are not being held in advance of the vacancy year as per the prescribed schedule.  It has been strictly instructed to follow the relevant guidelines and the model calender which is in vogue.  Delays in holding DPC would affect manpower planning and also affect the career progress of the Officers.

Therefore, all the cadre Authorities are strictly instructed to adhere to the model calender for DPCs circulated vide OM Dated 08.09.1998.  Wherever DPCs are yet to be held for vacancies arising during 2011-12, it has to be completed by 31.03.2011.

Further, the Ministries/Departments have been advised to nominate a Joint Secretary Level Officer as designated authority to ensure timely holding of DPCs and adherence to the model calender.

For further details, download  F No. 22011/1/2011-Estt(D)  dated 11.03.2011


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