MACP Benchmark – Clarification issued by MoD

Ministry of Defence Orders for functioning offices from 20th April 2020

Benchmark for financial upgradation under MACP clarification regarding dated 11.07.2018

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Defence
D(Civ I)

Subject: Benchmark for financial upgradation under MACP – clarification regarding

Clarification was sought from DoP&T on the issue of benchmark criteria for grant of financial upgradation under MACP. Now, the requisite clarification has been furnished by DoP&T vide their Comm. No.1313743/CR/18 dated 22.06.2018, contents of which are reproduced below for information and compliance:

“With regard to the query of M/o Defence on the issue of bench mark for grant of MACP, it may be stated that DoP&T has issued OM No. 35034/3/2015-Estt.(D) dated 28.09.2016 enhancing benchmark from ‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’ for all the posts for grant of financial upgradation under the MACPs as per the recommendations of 7th CPC. The above said OM was given effect from 25.07.2016 i.e. the date of acceptance of 7th CPC recommendations. Therefore, in cases where MACP falls due on or after 25.07.2016, the revised benchmark of Very Good’ is to be followed. In other words, the overall grading of the APARs reckonable for grant of MACP should be atleast ‘Very Good’.

Instructions prescribing modalities of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations for enhancing the benchmark from ‘Good’ to ‘Very Good’ in respect of promotion, is yet to be issued. The matter is under consideration.”

(Pawan Kumar)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


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